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Senator Manchin Just Moved Against Joe Biden – He Joins Republicans To Shave Down Infrastructure Bill

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Joe Biden has a big problem right now, and his name is also Joe. Joe Manchin, the moderate Senator from West Virginia, has the power to hold up liberal plans to bulldoze Republicans.

And that’s exactly what he’s planning to do.

Democrats were determined to rush through another $2.3 trillion spending bill and try to cut Republicans out of it by using reconciliation.

Republicans, in response, have proposed an infrastructure bill that actually addresses just infrastructure.

Guess which one Joe Manchin is going for? From IJR:

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin on Sunday said he opposes using a maneuver that would enable his party to pass U.S. President Joe Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure proposal without Republican support, saying he favors a smaller and “more targeted” bill.

Manchin… rejected the idea of using a process called budget reconciliation to pass the Democratic president’s proposed $2.3 trillion infrastructure legislation.

So what does Manchin want instead?

“I think they should be separated,” Manchin said. “When you start putting so much into one bill … it makes it very, very difficult for the public to understand.” He called the Republican proposal “a good start” for negotiations.

Here’s Manchin explaining it himself:

It looks like Democrats are finally getting what’s coming to them.

At least one Democrat has enough common sense to see what his party is trying to turn Washington into, and he’s putting his foot down.

Even he can see that President Biden’s stated intention to bring back bipartisanship is the exact opposite from what he has actually done in Washington.

Instead, he and his counterparts in Congress have been pushing through one-sided legislation with zero compromise, using rules and processes that were not meant for this work.

Thank goodness Manchin has stood firm, but he’s going to need ongoing support, or pressure, to stand against his own party.

Do you stand with Joe Manchin against the Democrats?

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Manchin opposed his party by rejecting attempts to pass a massive infrastructure bill with the reconciliation process.
  • Instead, he seems far more open to a pared down bill similar to the infrastructure-only bill suggested by Republicans.

Source: IJRYouTube