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Nancy Pelosi Sent Spinning With Calls To Resign – Even Democrats Want Her Gone For Thanking Floyd For Sacrifice

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Nancy Pelosi just made a big mistake—she pulled the mask off what this Floyd trial has really been about for her.

And Americans across the country, including Democrats, are furious with her.

It’s amazing, really, that more Americans don’t see through the shocking positions of Democrat leaders like Pelosi and Biden.

But many people saw through her latest comments, and they want her gone. Here’s what Pelosi said. From the Daily Wire:

“And thank God, the jury validated what we saw, what we saw,” Pelosi said in front of the U.S. Capitol Building as she delivered remarks with the Congressional Black Caucus. “So, again, thank you George Floyd for sacrificing your life for justice.”

Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice? The man didn’t willingly give up his life, and he didn’t do it to further the Democrat social justice mission.

But that’s exactly what Pelosi turned the Chauvin case into. It’s just another opportunity she’s not planning on letting it go to waste.

Pelosi faced overwhelming backlash from individuals across the political spectrum, especially on the political left and in the black community. Pelosi faced numerous calls to resign or retire.

Here’s just a few examples online:


“George Floyd didn’t “sacrifice” his life for anything. He was murdered!”

“This is Christological language. Social justice is a religion to these people.”

That final point is quite insightful. Christians talk about how Jesus voluntarily laid his life down for others, even though he was perfect.

That’s not at all what happened with Floyd. Americans almost universally agree it shouldn’t have happened and that Chauvin bears at least some of the blame.

But Pelosi is treating Floyd as if he was useful to her cause and actively helped her by sacrificing his life.

No wonder people are calling for her resignation. Of course Pelosi won’t resign, just as she wouldn’t even condemn Maxine Waters for her comments.

Do you think Nancy Pelosi should be held accountable for her comment?

Key Takeaways:

  • Nancy Pelosi publicly thanked George Floyd “for sacrificing your life for justice.”
  • Many people online, of various political and racial backgrounds, criticized the Speaker and called for her resignation.