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After Candace Owens Interviews Donald Trump – She Requests The Former President To Consider Her For 2024 VP

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You probably heard the name Candace Owens before. The black conservative writer, speaker, and leader has shaken up the left for years now.

She is known for her trademark confrontational style, combining wit and charm to tough questions.

Owens is also instrumental is winning many black Americans to the right.

Recently, she had the chance to interview the 45th president, Donald Trump.

And, at the end of the show, she asked a daring question to the MAGA champ.

From YouTube:

At the end of Candace’s interview with Trump, she asked him point-blank if he was running in 2024.

And, if he was, would he consider picking her to be his running mate!

A pretty bold thing to ask, but hey, nothing ventured, nothing earned.

The 45th president appeared pretty impressed with Owen’s question. He didn’t give a definitive answer about what he’d do—but this was the most we’ve learned so far from him.

He said he would have an announcement soon that would make people “very happy.”

Trump also explained that because of campaign finance rules, a candidate can’t announce their plans too early.

But he again hinted that he was going to say something in time—and Americans will be excited about it.

Plenty have speculated if Trump would return to the campaign trail in 2024. After the events of November 2020, it would be fair to think he was done with politics.

But early in 2021, he made it clear he was going nowhere. He announced his new “Office of the 45th President” and his plans to help the GOP flip Congress in 2022.

Trump said he was “pumped” for what was coming. As usual, he sounded confident, energized, and driven. That’s much more than we can say for the sleepy idiot in the White House right now.

Should Trump run again, Candace wouldn’t be a terrible choice for running mate. While an outsider to public office herself, Owens is smart, accomplished, and well-liked by conservatives.

She has personally mulled a career in politics. Who knows? Maybe she’ll jump all the way to VP?

Key Takeaways:

  • During her interview with Trump, Candance Owens asked if he’d pick her as his 2024 running mate.
  • Trump made no announcements, but revealed Americans will be “very happy” with what he will announce.
  • Donald Trump has made it his priority to help the GOP flip Congress in 2022.

Source: YouTube