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Texas Sheriff Rips Biden For Putting National Guard On Trash Detail At Border: ‘Complete Embarrassment”

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A Texas sheriff went public with his criticisms of President Biden’s border policies slamming Joe and Kamala for forcing the Texas National Guard to clean up the piles of trash left behind by migrants. He called it a “complete embarrassment.”

“It’s incomprehensible that a national security border, our border with another foreign country is in the shape that it is,” Jackson County, Texas Sheriff Andy Louderback said. He added that the chaos is “preventable” if Biden or Kamala would take a quick visit to the border and “see for themselves” what is happening on the ground.

He said they would see “car crashes, increased deaths, exploitation of women, and environmental concerns…migrants come into the border or stash along the travel routes into the major cities here. This is a major travel route, the number one human trafficking here in the United States, a tremendous hub for human trafficking and narcotics.”

Louderback said the border area was “littered completely” with trash and an “incredible amount” of clothing, water bottles, and backpacks.”

“Do we talk about the level of fear here in Texas and across the United States as an open border policy expands here? Do we talk about the cartel expansion and the strength and the power that they now exhibit here in the United States?” Louderback said.

Last month Louderback slammed Joe and Kamala. From Yourcentralvalley:

Jackson County Sheriff A.J. “Andy” Louderback says his Coastal Bend community is geographically located in a warzone where Mexican drug cartel operatives and human smugglers are staging migrants, re-supplying criminal activities, and leading his deputies on bailouts and chases, unlike anything he’s seen in 20 years heading law enforcement in Texas.

His force consists of two deputies and one sergeant on duty at all times, but he told Border Report they’re outnumbered and often out-gunned as a recent influx of undocumented migrants crossing the South Texas border continues to be funneled northeast through his county of just 20,000 residents, located an hour-drive southwest of Houston and three hours from the border with Mexico.

“We’re in that mileage point where exchanges, stash houses, exchange of vehicles — those kind of things — are happening here.

We are in a re-supply area,” Louderback told Border Report last week during an exclusive interview just moments before he answered questions for a GOP contingency of lawmakers from the House Judiciary Committee who held a roundtable discussion in the border town of Edinburg to assess the border situation…

“Our resources, our assets are stretched thin,” said Louderback, who is in his fifth four-year term as sheriff for Jackson County, a primarily ranching, agriculture and oil and gas community in the Coastal Bend area.

“No one has experienced a level so quick as what we’re experiencing now. This has been a ramp-up that is almost immediate. It’s planned. It’s strategic. It’s organized. It’s orchestrated. It is very very effective.”

Louderback said he often speaks with Martinez and they both are frustrated and fear for the safety of their residents and deputies.

Sixteen vehicles have been stolen in Jackson County in the past two months, Louderback said, adding that deputies have found several stolen vehicles, including several large trucks that have had their seats and interiors pulled out to transport more illegal immigrants.

“We have never seen it at the level we’re experiencing today. It’s by far the worst that we’ve ever had,” Louderback told the lawmakers on April 7. “Texas sheriffs here are now inundated with a crime problem we’ve not had before.”

The very day he testified before lawmakers, Louderback was among 275 sheriffs from across the United States who signed a letter to President Joe Biden urging the federal government secure the Southwest border.

“President Biden is knowingly and intentionally undermining America’s Sheriffs and our collaborative efforts with our local, state and federal public safety partners to enforce the rule of law,” said Bristol County (Mass.) Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, who headed the letter-writing campaign. “He and the policies of his administration are placing our citizens, neighborhoods and our nation in public safety and public health danger.”

“The crisis at the border is penetrating our neighborhoods throughout the interior of the United States,” the letter to Biden read. “You must act now before our nation’s public safety resources are overwhelmed with the criminal side effects of unchecked illegal immigration, including transnational gangs, guns, dangerous drugs and human trafficking.”