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Democrats On Verge Of Losing Control Of Congress – They Admit Elderly Senators Could Cost Them Senate Majority

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Democrats are doing a bang-up job screwing up the country. Gas lines are forming all over the place.

The border is overwhelmed with trash. And inflation is hurting Americans.

Meanwhile, the left is trying to ram more radical legislation through, so this country looks more and more like failed Venezuela.

They appear to only have an upper hand, because of a pseudo-majority in the Senate.

But that majority might evaporate sooner than they think, thanks to their elderly members.

From Daily Wire:

Democrats believe President Joe Biden’s agenda is “dangling by a thread” over concerns that any one of several elderly Democratic senators could die in office and temporarily hand the chamber over to the GOP…

With the average age of sitting senators at 64 and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the health of lawmakers has become a top priority for some Democrats who fear that a single death or serious illness could all but extinguish Biden’s shot at implementing a progressive overhaul of the United States, according to The New York Times.

Apparently, Democrats are worried about the old coots in the Senate. Because they never implemented term limits, these aging liberals refused to give up their power.

So, the left has more than a few members who might kick the bucket sooner than they expect.

While that’s true for Republicans, Democrats have much more to lose in the short term.

Should just one of their aging beauties shuffle off this mortal coil, they lose their majority. Republicans will get an upper hand and put a stop to Biden’s agenda.

Worse still, the fate of those open seats will be left in question. They might be able to replace a dead senator with a Democrat—or it might get flipped sooner than they think.

Special elections don’t always work out as planned, after all.

This shouldn’t have been a problem. Our Founding Fathers viewed public service as a duty, not a career. Senators shouldn’t be entrenched in their seats, clinging to them with pasty, liver-spotted hands, until Death drags them away.

Senators, like all elected officials, should serve a few terms, then hand the reins off to a new generation.

But because most Democrats are crooked career politicians, only the Grim Reaper can wrest their Senate seats from their hands.

Leading to the problem they have today.

Hey! Maybe this will finally convince the crooked lawmakers to pass term limits! But I won’t hold my breath.

Do you think there should be term limits on Congress?