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Republicans Use Democrats’ Playbook Against Them – New Group Uses Swamp Tactics To Undermine Biden Agenda

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Many Americans think Democrats in D.C. will do just about anything to get their way.

Meanwhile, Republicans usually try to play “fair” and “honorably,” even if they end up losing again and again.

But things just might change very soon. In the aftermath of 2020, one conservative group has decided to fight fire with fire.

They are pulling out all the stops and using the left’s playbook against them.

From Fox News:

A new conservative opposition research group is using unorthodox, and controversial, tactics to throw what it describes as “a big handful of sand” in the gears of the Biden administration — tactics it claims have been used effectively by the left for years…

It was set up only in March but has already made headlines, in part due to its guerilla-style tactics. Notably, its members infiltrated a Zoom training for congressional staffers on earmarks — and leaked video showing aides telling trainees that while “the optics” of a lawmaker steering an earmark to a campaign donor “look kind of bad,” the project could still be allowed under House rules.

A new conservative group is using “guerilla-style” tactics to infiltrate, frustrate, and disrupt the left’s agenda in D.C.

In one case, they used phony identities to record Zoom meetings in which Democrats admitted to pushing earmarks and other shady tactics.

That ticked off the left real good.

American Accountability Foundation also provided transcripts to Fox News revealing one of Biden’s nominees—for the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division—organized a conference that aided cop-killers, violent criminals, and anti-government activists.


In recent years, we’ve heard of other conservative groups, mostly independent media companies, using covert tactics to expose the left.

Steven Crowder famously exposed an Antifa group that was planning to use firearms to disrupt a conservative event. Project Veritas is known for acquiring undercover video, frequently revealing the left’s underhanded agenda.

Now, it seems like conservatives are finally waking up to the damage they can cause when they go after Democrats directly.

AAF doesn’t seem interested in playing nice. Instead they’ll use whatever tactics they can to hinder Biden’s far-left agenda.

It may not be palatable to some conservative Americans. But it might be the only way to disrupt Joe’s runaway plans.

Do you agree with AAF’s attempts to stop Democrats?