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Judge Rules On Dershowitz Lawsuit Against CNN – The Trump Ally’s $300 Million Suit Is Moving Forward

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It wasn’t enough for the media to mercilessly go after Trump and his family.

Often his closest allies were targeted by the MSM. From White House staffers to personal lawyers, anyone who worked with or stuck up for Trump was slandered by the left.

That includes constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz. The traditionally liberal lawyer defended Trump during his first impeachment trial.

Possibly outraged that this respected profession would support a man they opposed , CNN went after him.

They took a quote from him out of context, to make it seem Dershowitz claimed Trump could break the law.

So, Dershowitz sued. And the judge just gave him some good news.

From The Blaze:

Famed civil liberties attorney Alan Dershowitz won a procedural victory in court Tuesday that will allow his $300 million lawsuit against CNN to proceed to depositions…

The lawsuit claims that CNN unfairly edited comments from Dershowitz about whether former President Donald Trump could have been impeached if he committed an illegal act that he believed was in the public interest.

Dershowitz says in the lawsuit that CNN repeated that clip over and over in order to make him appear as if he “had lost his mind.”

A judge allowed Dershowitz’s suit against CNN to continue. If he eventually wins, he could receive $300 million from CNN in damages.

The lawsuit is all about how CNN took the words “lawful and illegal” out of a quote made by Dershowitz. They then repeatedly played the clip, with hosts and other guests commenting on it.

It seemed that the network was trying to claim Dershowitz said Trump was allowed to break the law.

Obviously, that does not seem to be not true—instead CNN looked to be trying to make Dershowitz appear either unqualified to comment on the law. Or, as Dershowitz says, “out of his mind.”

CNN does not seem above editing video to push a narrative. Heck, their own hosts openly spread their biased opinion as fact.

Why wouldn’t they go so far as to deceptively edit something to smear a Trump ally?

What’s particularly galling about this episode is that potentially millions of people might have walked away thinking a respected law professor was “crazy.”

CNN did not seem one bit concerned about how they were portraying a man who teaches law at top universities. It could destroy his career and credibility around the world.

And that is why Dershowitz is hammering them so hard.

Key Takeaways:

  • Alan Dershowitz scored a win in his $300 million lawsuit against CNN.
  • A judge allowed the case to continue.
  • Dershowitz claims CNN edited comments to make the law expert appear uncredible.

Source: The Blaze