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Biden’s DOJ Takes Trump And Barr’s Side – They Just Requested Federal Judge To Drop Protester Lawsuit

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What’s Happening:

You probably remember the endless damaging “protests” that took place last Summer.

The left staged countless protests across the country that devolved into looting and destruction.

Much of it took place in Washington, D.C.—where leftist-backed groups defaced property. They even tried to storm government buildings, endangering leaders.

(Funny how Democrats didn’t seem to mind, back then.)

The courts actually tried to punish Donald Trump and other leaders for efforts to end these protests, which saw a historic church burned.

But the DOJ is taking Trump’s side, demanding these cases be thrown out.

From Fox News:

Tuesday marks one year since the controversial clearing of Lafayette Square protesters before President Trump visited St. John’s Church, and Department of Justice (DOJ) lawyers have requested a federal judge toss out cases against former President Trump, former Attorney General Bill Barr and other Trump-era officials for their actions that day.

The Department of Justice is requesting that cases against Trump, Barr, and other officials be thrown out.

They are arguing a president and staff cannot be tried for the actions of police and other officers in their efforts to defend the president.

Radical leftists groups including the ACLU and Black Lives Matter are trying to sue Trump for actions taken to protect him and his staff.

The people responsible for the “protests” are now trying to sue the people they were endangering.

That’s like a carjacker suing you after they stole your car.

But even Biden’s DOJ is arguing a president and his staff are immune from what police do to protect a sitting president. It is also explaining that these cases are moot anyway, since Trump and these other people are no longer in office.

Isn’t it ridiculous the lengths the left will go to hurt the 45th president? They weren’t satisfied with destroying countless cities, burning down homes and churches, and defacing our history.

They want to sue a man because police worked to protect him from their violence and hate.

And the left wonders why Americans can’t stand them?

The only silver lining in this entire affair is that the current DOJ is smart enough to see through this ruse.

Honestly, we would have expected them to join with the ACLU and BLM to attack Trump.

But it seems a few people with consciences still reside within the DOJ.

Key Takeaways:

  • The DOJ requested cases against Trump and other staffers be thrown out.
  • The cases come from radical groups that are suing Trump over protests staged in D.C.
  • The DOJ argues a president can’t be punished for actions taken to protect him.

Source: Fox News