unique visitors counter Two-Time Presidential Loser Hillary Clinton Trashes Trump And GOP: “We don’t have Trump being a spokesperson for Putin any longer” – Washington News

Two-Time Presidential Loser Hillary Clinton Trashes Trump And GOP: “We don’t have Trump being a spokesperson for Putin any longer”

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went on MSNBC and trashed former President Donald Trump and members of the GOP.  Hillary, who is still bitter about her stunning defeat to Trump (and Obama) was commenting on Biden’s meeting with Putin.

She said: “We never thought we had to worry about domestic enemies. We never thought we had to worry about people who didn’t believe in our democracy. You take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. Sadly, what we’ve seen over the last 4 years, and particularly since our election in 2020, is that we have people within our own country who are doing Putin’s work.

She continued: To sow distrust, to sow divisiveness, to give aid and comfort to those in our country who, for whatever reason, are being not only disruptive but very dangerous.”

“We don’t have Trump being, in effect, a spokesperson for Putin any longer,” Clinton said. “We have a president who will stand up and defend American interests.”

Hillary said Biden needs to tell Putin that “ridiculing the United States, undermining us, allowing as well as overseeing attacks on our election structure, on our energy delivery system, on so much else, has to stop.”

She called Putin “the great disruptor” who “has a clear mission to undermine democracies, first and foremost, the United States.”

“There has been, as you rightly know, a big flirtation by some on the right in the Republican Party with the Putin model. They really resonate to the authoritarianism,” she said trashing the GOP.

“They find that kind of macho approach to everything quite attractive.”

Even Bernie Sanders threw Hillary under the bus in a new interview causing her to wonder what could have been. From Newsweek:

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on Sunday said that Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign made him feel “very welcome,” while Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign “tolerated” him because they wanted his support.

Sanders, an independent, ran as a presidential candidate in the Democratic primary last year against Biden. Following a string of losses in March, the progressive candidate ceded to Biden and suspended his campaign in April. He then hit the campaign trail for Biden, who successfully ousted former Republican President Donald Trump in November.

In an interview with CNN, host Gloria Borger asked Sanders, “Can you talk to me about how welcome they made you feel?”

“Very welcome,” Sanders said.

“It was a little different from Hillary Clinton in 2016,” Borger said, to which Sanders responded: “Yes, yes it was.”

“You weren’t welcomed?” Border pressed.

“I was tolerated,” Sanders replied. “My support was… they wanted my support, obviously.”