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Republicans Gang Up On Nancy Pelosi – Gohmert Files Lawsuit To Strike Down Rule Targeting GOP

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How petty is Nancy Pelosi? This petty, it seems.

Democrats failed to block measures that would have prevented Republican members from defending themselves. Representatives can carry firearms to work, the same as other Americans.

But it seems like Pelosi decided she could hit back at her colleagues, by inventing new rules to frustrate their day-to-day lives.

Even though elected officials are screened and vetted, Pelosi demanded they go through metal detectors, every day.

But while Democrats can skip the process and be fine, Republicans are getting hit with heavy penalties.

So, a group of them are suing old Nance.

From Fox News:

Reps. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, and Andrew Clyde, R-Ga., are claiming that House security rules and punishments are being selectively enforced against Republicans, while Democrats including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have been able to ignore protocols with impunity…

Providing examples, the lawsuit claims that in February Clyde entered the House chamber without going through security screening, and was subsequently informed he was being fined $5,000 even though the following day Pelosi allegedly broke the rules by avoiding metal detectors without facing punishment.

Pelosi is fining Republicans $5,000 for not going through a metal detector? While she is accused of doing the same with no consequences? What is she thinking?

These are not strangers who are visiting the Capitol. These are elected officials who work there every day.

Do they really need to be screened? And is a fine that large really justifiable?

I used to work for the government. Once you go through a background check and receive your pass, you can skip the metal detector.

That’s for rank-and-file government workers. So, why are representatives in Congress getting fined that much money?

It’s hard not to believe Pelosi is doing this as a petty attack on her rivals. The woman is so scared of Republicans, so full of hate for the party that will depose her, that she’d do this.

Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with politics, current legislation, or differences of opinion.

These are simply rules put into place to “punish” folks from a different party.

Sounds a lot like discrimination, doesn’t it?

I thought Democrats were against that sort of thing?

Key Takeaways:

  • A group of Republicans is suing Nancy Pelosi over unjust security rules.
  • The speaker has hammered Republicans with hefty fines for avoiding metal detectors.
  • The lawsuit claims she is targeting Republicans while letting Democrats off the hook.

Source: Fox News