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After Protesters Trespass Ted Cruz’s Home – Texas Police Whip Out The Handcuffs And Arrest Eight

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Democrats seem to love unlawful protests, until they don’t.

We saw that all last year. The left was silent about unchecked violent protests across America, but it was up in arms after the Capitol Hill incidence.

I guess they learned that if you protest Republicans, you can get away with it?

A group of liberals decides to storm the home of top Republican, Sen. Ted Cruz.

Boy, was that a mistake. Because in Texas, they don’t take kindly to trespassing.

From Washington Examiner:

Eight people were apprehended after trespassing during a climate change protest outside of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s home on Monday.

At around 11 a.m., a group of roughly 60-70 people arrived at the sidewalk near the Republican’s residence. Some made their way into Cruz’s private property despite “multiple warnings” and an “ample amount of opportunities” to leave the area, Assistant Chief Ban Tien of the Houston Police Department said.

Around 60 people showed up on the sidewalk near Ted Cruz’s house.

Clearly, they were there to harass the Republican. But, as long as they stayed on public property, they were within the bounds of the law.

A smaller group decided to get up close and personal with the Cruz residence.

Police say they trespassed onto Cruz’s home. The police gave them multiple warnings and plenty of chances to leave.

I guess Houston police were scared of the press’s reaction? How about you arrest hippies the moment they break the law, huh?

If this was anywhere else in Texas, I’m assuming the response would have been much faster.

But after an hour, the police finally did their job and busted these braindead liberals.

What does trespassing on a senator’s property have to do with climate change? Did these pot-smoking dummies think harassing Cruz’s family would make him suddenly change his stance on the issue?

Most likely, this was a form of targeted intimidation. The left was saying: obey us, or we’ll do this again and again.

These trespassers were probably empowered by recent assaults against other Republican leaders. Didn’t work out for those criminals either.

At least these folks learned that they can’t get away with their nonsense everywhere.

Key Takeaways:

  • Eight protesters were arrested for trespassing in Sen. Ted Cruz’s home.
  • A group of 60-70 had gathered to harass the Republican over climate change.
  • It took police an hour before they finally arrested the criminals.

Source: Washington Examiner