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Mark Meadows Rips Kamala Harris Over Border Fail, Calls VP ‘The Great Pretender’

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Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows dropped the hammer on Vice President Kamala Harris’ after her trip to the southern border left many scratching their heads. Even some Democrats were stunned she did not visit the epicenter of the problem.

Meadows blasted Harris saying the entire event was just pretend. ”Candidly, what we’re finding is, is that Kamala Harris, should be playing the tune ‘The Great Pretender’ because she pretends she cares, she pretends she’s got a plan, and she pretends she was going to go down there without having Donald Trump pushing her to go,” Meadows said.

”It’s time that we call it like we see it, and obviously the best part of the trip was the fact that she’s getting back on the plane, and hopefully going back to get something done.”

Meadows said Harris went to the wrong part of the state too.

”This is like going to look at hurricane damage and saying you’re going to go to the coast of Florida and end up going to Washington, D.C.,” Meadows said. 

”You are 1,000 miles away from where the real problem was down in McAllen, Texas.”

”She kept saying, ‘I want to look and find the root cause.’ 

“Well give me a mirror for her and Joe Biden,” Meadows said.

”If they look in the mirror, there is the root cause. We didn’t have this problem under Donald Trump.”

From Fox News:

After spending a few hours in El Paso, Texas, on Friday – on what one Republican described as a “parachuting” visit – the vice president continued west to Los Angeles, where she planned to spend time at her home in the city’s tony Brentwood neighborhood, according to reports.

It was to mark Harris’ fourth trip to Los Angeles since taking office, reports said – versus her lone trip to the border, which came on the 94th day after she took on the role as manager of the Biden administration’s response to the migrant crisis.

Motorists in the City of Angels were being warned about likely traffic delays in the area of Los Angeles International Airport, where Harris was expected to land aboard Air Force Two in the afternoon, L.A. time.

There was no specific information about the road route the vice president’s motorcade was expected to take after she arrives, KNBC-TV of Los Angeles reported.

There was also no information available on whether Harris planned to tour California’s border region while in her home state.