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Jim Acosta Booed In Texas After Asking Trump Rude Question During Border Visit

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CNN’s Jim Acosta got a big Texas welcome when he followed former President Donald Trump to the border today. Acosta got a round of loud boos at one point after he asked Trump a rude question and the CNN host was otherwise not happy with the day’s event.

He complained about the event’s setup saying: “TX Gov. Abbott and his staff are blocking press access to his event today with Trump. They’ve decided to turn their roundtable discussion into a “pool” coverage event. However, in addition to pool, Abbott’s team is selectively allowing certain non-pool outlets into the event.”

But when he did get his chance he blew it by shouting out a rude question to Trump. Acosta asked Trump if he will apologize for January 6th and crowd drowned him  out with boos.

Trump took a swipe at the no-show Kamala Harris saying:

“We’re going over to the border right now, but we’re going to the real part of the border where there’s real problems, not a part where you look around and don’t see anybody.”

“There has never been a border so secure as the southern border that we had, and now it’s opened up,” Trump said.

From Fox News:

Biden has ended many of the restrictive immigration polices implemented by Trump, who repeatedly pledged during his successful 2016 campaign for the White House to build a border wall and make Mexico pay for the construction.

Trump made border security a top policy during his administration and in 2019 declared a state of emergency in order to divert federal funds heading to the military to pay for the border wall.

Besides halting construction of Trump’s wall, Biden also ended a program that forced migrants to stay in Mexico as they waited for resolution to their U.S. asylum cases, as he aims to follow through on his 2020 campaign pledge for a more humane immigration system.

Arrests along the southern border with Mexico have surged this year to their highest monthly averages in two decades, with Republicans blaming Biden’s immigration policies for the influx.

“We had all these great polices going and they were ended. One day, they were all ended. This didn’t take place over three months or five months. This took place in the first week, they were ended.

It was almost like they were ended because I did it,” Trump argued as he spoke at the briefing in Weslaco, near the southern tip of Texas.

“We’re going to admire the wall and how it works,” Trump said at the end of the briefing as he and Abbott headed out to tour an unfinished part of the border wall.