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Judge Overrules Dems, Orders Minneapolis To Hire More Police After Residents Sued

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A Minnesota judge just overruled Ilhan Omar and the rest of the ‘Squad,’ who pushed the defund the police movement that swept across the county and almost cost Nancy Pelosi her job, ordering Minneapolis to hire more cops as is required by the city charter.

Was there anything more hilarious than watching the Dems push the single worst political slogan (defund the police) in history? Or watching them tout early polls that showed people were with them on the issue (they were not, they were just horrified by the Floyd killing)? Or watching them rush headlong into what they thought was a winning issue sonly to find to their abject horror that not only did almost no one agree with them, the minority communities the Squad claimed to be trying to help were hit hardest by fewer cops leading directly to the GOP shocking gains with Hispanic and African American voters last November.

To say defund the police was a horror show for the Dems is an understatement but what they should know is it can always get worse. And it just did because a judge ordered Minneapolis to hire more police in a humiliating setback for the Dems.

A Hennepin County judge agreed with a group of conservative activists and ruled that the city of Minneapolis must follow its charter and hire more police officers. Judge Jamie Anderson granted a Writ of Mandamus sought by Minneapolis residents.

According to the city’s charter, it must fund a police force of at least .0017 employees per resident. The judge ordered them to have 730 cops by the end of June 2022. The city is projecting to have 649 sworn officers by Jan. 1, 2022, far short of the judge’s order.

Judge Anderson ruled that Minneapolis residents were able to prove the city’s rising crime rate was caused by a lack of officers and also led to personal injury to them. That is bad news for Omar and the Squad. 

From The Hill:

The group in its complaint said “Minneapolis is in a crisis,” specifically citing an increase in shootings and homicides, as well as damages to the Fifth Police Precinct during the civil unrest following Floyd’s death. 

Anderson wrote in the decision that the Minneapolis residents who filed the lawsuit were able to demonstrate that the city’s rising crime rate was caused by a lack of officers, resulting in personal injuries. One of the petitioners said they were diagnosed with PTSD after having their house shot at twice. 

When reached for comment, a Minneapolis city spokesperson told The Hill that the city attorney’s office was reviewing the decision. 

The decision comes after Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) on Monday announced an executive action aimed at  implementing several policing reforms, including $15 million in funding from the American Rescue Plan toward community safety and violence intervention programs. 

The changes also include altering Minnesota’s policy on viewing body camera footage to allow families of those killed by police to view the video within five days. 

Walz said that he would also seek to increase transparency through the Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training.