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Kamala Harris Just Got Erased By Donald Trump – They Just Called Donald The “Real Border Czar”

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This week, both parties had their moment at the border. But one clearly did more than the other.

After pressure from Americans, the media, and a former president, the Biden administration decided to go to the border.

Unfortunately, they sent Kamala Harris. Instead of going to the actual border, she settled for a photo op at El Paso. Even Democrats criticized her for this pointless trip.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump went with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to the real border. And he blasted Joe Biden and the policies that created the crisis.

Now, people are declaring who’s the “real” border czar.

From NY Post:

“President Trump may not be our president today, but he’s the real leader of our country and he’s certainly the real border czar because of his record of achievements. I mean, leadership is about delivering results and about following through on your promises, and this president did it in spades,” Rep. Jodey Arrington (R-Texas), who attended the Trump roundtable, told The Post. “Every success and every achievement has been reversed and now we’re seeing record numbers the other way.”

One rep, who attended the meeting with Trump and Abbott, declared Trump the “real” border czar.

He said this, not because Trump has any role in the current administration, but because Trump really has his finger on the pulse of the crisis.

Trump made it clear what is going on at the border is the result of Biden’s decisions. Sleepy Joe removed all of Trump’s policies, opening the door to hundreds of thousands of migrants.

The government is overwhelmed with border jumpers, because of what Biden did.

The 45th president is also laying out what needs to be done to once again secure the border. The wall needs to be finished, catch-and-release needs to stop, and the flow of migrants must be halted.

What has Biden or Harris done about the crisis? I mean, Harris flew all the way to Texas, but couldn’t make the last 300 miles to see the real border!

Does Biden even care about protecting Americans? Is he even aware of what is going on along our border?

At times, it seems like he doesn’t even know what’s going on within his own administration.

If Harris was really a border czar, she’d do something to fix this problem. But because she cares more about how she looks on TV—and what the progressive media will say about her—she does nothing.

Trump is not afraid to do what it takes to help America. And that’s why he’s the real border czar.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trump was called the “real border czar” after his trip to the border.
  • The 45th president called out Biden’s policies and laid out what must be done.
  • Meanwhile, Kamala Harris did nothing, not even visiting the border.

Source: NY Post