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Some RNC Staffers Sabotaged Trump And Didn’t Vote For Him New Book Claims, RNC Denies

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Some Republican National Committee (RNC) officials didn’t vote for then-President Trump in last November’s election in an act of blatant sabotage according to a new book by Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender. 

Fox News got their hands on an excerpt from “Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost,” which portrays some behind the scenes struggles between the Trump campaign and the RNC. Bender says that when Bill Stepien took over from Brad Parscale as campaign manager the friction started.

“By 2020, the RNC wasn’t merely an extension of the Trump campaign. (2020 campaign manager) Brad Parscale had effectively turned them into a full partner, and Ronna had become one of the president’s closest advisers. The RNC was paying for the field staff. They were covering costs for state directors who couldn’t get calls returned from campaign headquarters. Even the lease for the campaign headquarters was being paid for by the RNC,” Bender wrote.

According to Fox News, “One major change when Stepien took over as campaign manager was the reelection campaign’s relationship with the Republican National Committee. Friction remained from the 2016 race between Stepien and much of Ronna’s senior leadership team.

“Ronna was running the Michigan Republican Party during that race, but Stepien disapproved of her decision to keep many of those same RNC staffers in her orbit.”

Bender wrote that with Stepien “Ronna was often left on the outside looking in—sometimes literally. In June, she had arrived at the White House for a political meeting but waited in the lobby for more than an hour before she was brought into the Oval.

“When she walked in, the president asked why she was so late. ‘They don’t want me sitting in the meetings with you,’ Ronna told him.”

Bender continues: “Stepien was correct to question the loyalty and dedication of Ronna’s staff to Trump.

“The president’s handling of Covid and the White House’s treatment of Ronna had top staffers inside the RNC openly musing—for the first time in their lives—about not voting for the Republican nominee for president.

“Ultimately, some did not cast their Election Day ballot for Trump.”

“This is not true. There was no organization or team more dedicated to re-electing President Trump than the RNC,” a national party spokesperson told Fox News.

After campaigns come the books and in those books people try to settle scores and make themselves look good. It is normal.

As was the distrust of Trump’s team of the establishment as they spent four years fighting it and on both sides of the aisle.