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Trump Turns The Tables On Michelle Obama – Donald Accuses Her In Lawsuit Of Forcing Big Tech To Ban Him

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Donald Trump made major news this week, when he announced his lawsuit against big tech.

He is suing social media giants over what he calls their wrongful shutdown of his accounts.

The 45th president is leading a class-action lawsuit, which means many people will join him.

But he recently dropped another bombshell connected with this lawsuit.

He is calling out Michelle Obama, whom he claims forced big tech to ban him.

From The U.S. Sun:

DONALD Trump’s latest lawsuit claims Michelle Obama “forced Facebook to ban him” before he announced legal action against Big Tech…

The suit reportedly claims Obama pressured Facebook into banning Trump from the platform, thereby making it more difficult for him to run for president in 2024…

Following the January 6 riots, Obama released a statement that said it was “time for Silicon Valley companies to stop enabling this monstrous behavior.”

Referring to Trump, she added that companies needed to “permanently ban this man from their platforms.”

Democrats and their legal “experts” are claiming Trump’s accusation against Michelle Obama won’t hold up in court.

We’re not so quick to agree.

Just before social networks banned Trump, Obama posted a statement demanding they “permanently ban” Trump.

This came as the media pushed the false narrative that Trump was behind the events of January 6.

You can connect the dots, I’m sure. Just before major social networks ban the President of the United States, a former first lady is demanding they do so—based on false attacks.

Umm… coincidence? If you think so, you might need your head examined.

Prior to all this, the Obamas were worming their way into Silicon Valley. Both Barack and Michelle got sweet jobs on Netflix and other tech companies.

For some reason, startups and other tech firms were hiring Michelle Obama, including cloud service Dropbox.

You can argue that Michelle Obama suddenly has tremendous sway among Silicon Valley companies, who were already blindly obedient to the left.

Her statement could have easily been interpreted as a direct command, since it was a direct command.

We’ll see how it works out in court.

Do you think Michelle should be held accountable for Trump’s Big Tech ban?

Key Takeaways:

  • Trump is naming Michelle Obama in his lawsuit against big tech.
  • He accuses Michelle of ordering social networks to ban him.
  • She issued a statement, order social networks to ban him, after January 6.

Source: The U.S. Sun