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Donald Trump Breaks Open Hunter’s Laptop – He Says Inside The Laptop Hunter Has More Than Al Capone Had

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For months, we’ve heard about this mysterious laptop that was supposedly owned by Hunter Biden.

The FBI has been pouring over it. And just a few bits of information off the laptop have reached the public.

What we’ve heard is beyond disturbing. The Biden family, of course, is denying it belonged to Hunter (despite the fact it had pictures and emails from the man’s accounts).

But as the left and media continue to ignore this news, Donald Trump is calling it out.

From Twitter:

TRUMP: Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” has “more criminal activity on that laptop than Al Capone had, if he ever had a laptop.”

During an appearance this week, Donald Trump called out the infamous Hunter Biden laptop.

Addressing the content that has already come out, he claims there is more “criminal activity” on that computer what Al Capone would have had, if he owned a laptop.

Those are strong words. Al Capone was the evil mob boss from Chicago. The government couldn’t pin any of the heinous crimes Capone committed, being forced to nail him for tax evasion.

Trump is saying that what has been found on Hunter’s laptop was worse than what a notorious crime lord and murderer did.

Only pieces of information from the laptop have been reported on, most of it leaked from official sources.

What we have learned, if true, reveals Hunter Biden as a shady, dishonest, and possibly racist person.

But criminal activity? We do know that the FBI and DOJ have been investigating Hunter for a while.

The White House claims they will not interfere with these investigations, but we have our doubts.

The FBI confiscated the laptop, after it hit the news. If there is plenty of evidence of crime on it, they should be compelled to arrest Hunter.

But will justice ever come? Remember, the laptop was recovered during Trump’s administration. He might have been briefed on the information personally.

He might know much more than the average American. But will the current administration do anything?

Key Takeaways:

  • Donald Trump blasted the Hunter laptop, comparing it to Al Capone.
  • He claimed the computer had more “criminal activity” than what the famed crime boss had.
  • Reports of information off the laptop have painted an ugly picture of Joe Biden’s son.

Source: Twitter