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Trey Gowdy Says Democrats Made ‘Lethal Mistake’ And They Owe USA An Apology

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Trey Gowdy dropped the hammer on his new highly rated show saying the Democrats made a lethal mistake and owe America an apology. He started by saying:

“For years we were told anyone who believed you should show an I.D. to vote was motivated by racial animus, forget about the fact you have to use an I.D. to do many things in our society from cashing a check to signing up for cable. If government is willing to provide you with an identification card, free of charge, and all you have to do is show that identification to make sure you are who you purport to be, how could that be motivated by racial animus? 

“And what a difference a month makes, now some of those same voices on the left claim they never really opposed voter I.D., some of those same Democrats now really don’t have any problem with showing an I.D. to vote. 

“Turns out it wasn’t racist after all. Turns out it is only racist when we suggest it. But not when they suggest it.

“Ten months ago, Democrats and the media, assuming those are different things, told you Amy Coney Barret was coming after all your rights. You remember those Senate Judiciary Committee hearings.

“Democrat senators told you this devoutly Catholic mother of seven was coming after your right to healthcare and your right to vote and after your vote to contraception.

“You were told Judge Coney Barrett was gonna send you back to the ‘Handmaid’s Tale.

“Well, the Supreme Court just finished its first term with her on the bench. Opinions have been issued, and published. Which are of your rights are you without tonight, which of your rights did Justice Amy Coney Barrett strip away from you? I can’t think of anything either, I did not hear a single apology for their dishonest efforts to denigrate.

“You were told last year, we needed to defund the police, to eliminate the police.

“You were told we really needed more social workers and psychologists, you were told crime would go down if there were fewer cops. 

“You were told there are things sociologists could work through that a guy with a gun and a badge could not.

“You knew that was a dumb idea when you heard it. You knew we really don’t want social workers showing up when someone is breaking into our homes or shooting up the neighborhood.

“Unfortunately, there were some who did not understand the idiocy of defunding the law enforcement, and tragically some of those people serve on city governments in some of Americas largest cities  New York, Chicago, Boston, Baltimore, Seattle  some are of the cities that cut funding for law enforcement. And what should be a surprise to absolutely no one, that violent crime is going up.

“Crime is spiraling out of control in many of the same cities people are being assaulted, robbed, stabbed, killed in tragically high numbers during this summer and spring of criminal carnage. Crime is the most insidious tax of all on the poor.

“According to her (Cori Bush), she does not like ‘death.’ There is more death, more crime, more mayhem because of her political beliefs.

“She does not care, she would rather make her point than save her constituents’ lives. She was literally, dead wrong. She and others promised and your community would be safer with fewer cops.”

 “They won’t ever apologize for this lethal mistake,” Trey concluded. “Even if they did, it is really hard to hear apologies from the grave.”