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CNN Reporter Complains That Texas Is Blocking Joe Biden’s New Immigration Plan

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A CNN reporter complained that the state of Texas is trying to block Joe Biden’s ‘different course on immigration’ through a series of court challenges and other moves that are keeping Trump’s policies at the forefront. And the left is not happy.

Since January, Texas has filed five lawsuits against Biden and Governor Greg Abbott announced a plan to arrest more migrants and build his own border wall. Texas has long been “a thorn in the side of the federal government,” said Muzaffar Chishti, a senior fellow at the Migration Policy Institute before saying it was about politics not security:

“The political optics of this new chapter cannot be underestimated,” Chishti said. According to CNN, Texas: “Blocked an attempt to halt deportations On his very first day in office, Biden announced a 100-day pause on deportations.  The moratorium, which included some exceptions, was intended to allow time for federal immigration agencies to review their policies, evaluate how resources were being directed and set new priorities for enforcement, according to a memo from the Department of Homeland Security.

“Tried to defend the ‘public charge’ rule

“In March, the Biden administration announced it had stopped implementing a Trump-era rule that allowed the government to deny legal status to immigrants who need, or are likely to need, public assistance.

“The 2019 policy, known as the “public charge” rule, had been met with legal challenges from advocates, states and localities, who argued that it penalized those who used government assistance. After Biden took office, his administration also said it would no longer defend the rule in court.

“Sued over new policies involving immigrants with criminal records

“On April 6, Texas sued the Biden administration over its new immigration enforcement guidelines, specifically policies around deporting undocumented immigrants who have been convicted of crimes.

“Texas attorney general Ken Paxton alleged the federal government was “refusing to take custody” of immigrants with felony convictions and that it had implemented unlawful guidance allowing them to “roam free.”

“Tried to reinstate the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

“A week after the April 6 lawsuit, Texas sued the Biden administration again — this time seeking to reinstate a Trump-era policy that required asylum seekers at the southern border to remain in Mexico until their court hearings in the US.

“Those subject to the “Remain in Mexico” policy, formally known as Migrant Protection Protocols, were often forced to wait months, if not years, in dangerous and unsanitary conditions.

“Texas, along with Missouri, alleged in the lawsuit that the Biden administration’s “arbitrary and capricious decision” to end the policy resulted in a surge of Central American migrants at the border which is straining federal immigration resources, posing public safety risks and inflicting costs on both states.

“Ramped up arrests and detentions

“While its legal challenges played out in court, Texas began ramping up migrant arrests.

“In March, Abbott launched what he called Operation Lone Star, an initiative that deployed state troopers and National Guard members to the southern border. State law enforcement made more than 1,000 arrests in the months after, according to Abbott’s office.

“Moved to revoke licenses for children’s shelters

“As part of his disaster declaration, Abbott also directed a state agency to revoke the licenses of shelters that contract with the federal government to house migrant children,” CNN reported.