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Ex-Staffers Leak On Kamala Harris: ‘Toxic Work Culture, Paranoid She Would Snap At Them’

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Former staffers of Vice President Kamala Harris are leaking like a sieve and it is bad news for Joe and Kamala. The ex-staffers are coming clean about the toxic environment in Kamala’s offices that go back over ten years.

Reports of an ‘abusive’ workplace atmosphere in the Vice President’s office have been leaked to numerous media outlets over the last few months. “So many people recognized themselves in it, or recognized treatment they had seen or treatment they had heard about and dismissed,” one former staffer said.

“I don’t understand what’s taking so long,” Harris would reportedly snap at staffers before rudely hanging up on them: “And I’m just sitting there just shell-shocked,” said a staffer.

Another said: “If she called in to talk, and then changed her mind, she would just hang up the phone on you.”  Others described a ‘toxic’ environment to work in.

From The Daily Mail:

They added that they had sent a link to the report to their therapist with a message that read: ‘Rarely in life are we publicly vindicated.’  

Some of the former staffers recalled the now Vice President as ‘unpredictable and at times demeaning’, according to the report based on interviews with 12 ex-employees who worked for Harris while she was San Francisco’s district attorney between 2004 and 2011, California’s attorney general from 2011 to 2017 and most recently US senator.

Barbara O’Connor, a communications professor at California State University in Sacramento told Insider that at least 20 interns who had worked in Harris’ attorney general and Senate officers had come to her crying because they ‘felt they weren’t valued’ there.

O’Connor said she transferred around five interns out of the offices at the time.   

A former aide to Harris claimed that when she was attorney general in California there was ‘a sense of paranoia in that office, that you never knew when she was going to snap at you’. Another said the workplace was ‘toxic’ and ‘reactionary’.

…Jeff Tsai, a former aide to Harris while she was California’s attorney general, said ‘all of the paces she put us through were the same paces she put herself through’.

Another former staffer in the same office said everyone ‘loved Harris’, but they were ‘so stressed that they were making themselves sick. Is that toxic? I don’t know’.

Tensions within Harris’ Vice President office reportedly boiled over in late June when Harris finally decided to visit the border with Mexico.