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Trump Aide Unloads Impeachment Charge On Biden – Joe’s Offense At The Southern Border Is Impeachable, Says Stephen Miller

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While Donald Trump was president, the Democrats tried to use the impeachment process against him. Twice.

Plenty of critics explained that the charges they threw at Trump were nowhere near grounds for impeachment. The left was able to get away with it, because they had the votes in the House.

Now, with Joe Biden in office, some might be wondering if Republicans will use the same tactics against him.

If they retake the House in 2022, they might get enough votes to at least start the impeachment process.

And a former top Trump aide just gave them the smoking gun to do it.

From Fox News:

Former Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller joined “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Wednesday to react to a report obtained by Fox News host Tucker Carlson claiming that the military was flying illegal immigrants slamming it as “absolutely not legal.”

“It violates a wide series of immigration laws…” Miller said…

“[H]e has violated every single one of those commitments. I will also add this, If that’s not an impeachable offense, I can’t imagine what would be.”

Stephen Miller blasted Joe Biden’s handling of the Southern border, claiming that what Biden is doing is “not legal.”

He pointed out that Biden is ordering the federal government to fly migrants to states all over the country. Miller said he has effectively turned some agencies into resettlement programs.

On top of this, Miller explained that Biden took a vow to execute and uphold our laws. Instead, he has ignored the crisis at the border, which was largely created by Biden’s own policies.

Miller said if those are not impeachable offenses he “can’t imagine what would be.”

You might remember how Democrats weaponized the impeachment process to oppose a partisan rival. The Constitution clearly states that a president can only be impeached over “high crimes.”

Yet Democrats lowered that bar, to turn this process into a political witch hunt.

Should Republicans get enough votes in Congress, they have ample reason to go after Biden. Both he and his VP have failed to uphold their oaths to defend the country.

Biden created a crisis at the border and is actively making it worse. That not only endangers American lives, but goes against the very laws he is supposed to support.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stephen Miller claimed Biden has committed “impeachable offenses.”
  • He explained Biden’s treatment of the border was illegal and violates his oath of office.
  • Democrats impeached Trump twice over partisan reasons, opening the door to using impeachment.

Source: Fox News