unique visitors counter AZ Sheriff Puts Kamala On Notice Over Unsecure Border: ‘It Is An Epidemic In My State That We Have A Border That’s Not Secure” – Washington News

AZ Sheriff Puts Kamala On Notice Over Unsecure Border: ‘It Is An Epidemic In My State That We Have A Border That’s Not Secure”

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An Arizona Sheriff put Kamala Harris on notice over the debacle at the border today on Fox News. With no end in sight, Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels went on Fox and Friends to sound the alarm saying not having a secure border is an ‘epidemic in his state.”

Daniels said: “It should be a concern to every American. Right now in this country, we had over 200,000 getaways. What that means is they’ve been seen on federal cameras but were not captured. And that’s what’s being seen. 200,000 in my sector of the state, my region of the state over 60,000. 

“And then you look at every day on the southwest border, 1,100 getaways are coming into our country every day. We have no idea who they are. They’re camouflaged. They’re smuggled by the cartels and released in communities. That is a public safety national security threat.

I think every elected leader should pay a political price on this issue. The fact is, we take an oath of office and that is to safeguard the quality of life Americans expect and to protect all Americans. 

“And we’re not doing that right now on the southwest border. It’s the largest crime scene, I’ve said that numerous times, that when it comes to public safety, national security, in my county, nobody has walked up to me and said, ‘Sheriff, the border thing’s good.’ 

“Nobody’s said that.

“I mean, it is an epidemic in my state that we have a border that’s not secure,” he said.

From KGUN:

The ‘End the Biden Border Crisis Rally’ drew in hundreds alongside the border in Hereford.

More than 300 people showed up to the rally to express their frustration with the border situation and also what they’re calling a border crisis.

“Biden, Harris inherited the most secure border this nation had ever seen, and in five short months, it’s absolute mayhem,” said Dave Ray.

Ray is one of the rally organizers. He says he’s tired of watching the border situation get worse.

“Oh, enough is enough, I mean, kids being dropped off the border wall kids being thrown in the Rio Grande river so the Border Patrol has to save them. And the illegal aliens on the raft can get across. I mean, this is not the way to welcome people into the United States, nobody dies when they come through the legal immigration process. When you talk to these ranchers out here. It’s shocking the number of bodies they’re finding out here,” the organizer told KGUN9.

Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels agrees, saying it’s time to leave politics aside and look at the facts.

“Last year at this time, just off of my sheriff’s office virtual camera system we had 1,500 or in that area…illegal entries. This year, same time period, we have 15,300 entries,”added the Sheriff.