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Trump Turns Nancy Into Nervous Wreck – Pelosi Is Trying To Block Donald From Taking Away Her Speaker Gavel

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Democrats hold onto their power with a death grip. But Pelosi might be losing her gavel sooner than she thinks.

If Republicans retake the House in 2022, they will have the votes to pick their own speaker. Most believe that they will select House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

But did you know that the law doesn’t require a sitting representative to be Speaker? The House can pick anyone to be Speaker, including a certain former president.

So, Democrats are scrambling to prevent that from ever happening.

From The Hill:

A new bill introduced on Monday by Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-Pa.) would allow only an elected House member to serve as Speaker after former President Trump called the suggestion that he seek the gavel “so interesting.”

The Constitution does not directly state that the House Speaker must be a member of the chamber, but to date, the role has never been filled by an outsider.

Democrats in the House are putting forward a bill that will prevent a non-representative from being selected as Speaker.

This has never been an issue before. In all our history, only members of Congress have been selected as speakers.

So, why now are Pelosi’s cohorts suddenly worried? Because they fear Republicans might pick Donald Trump to be the next speaker.

According to the law, the speaker becomes president when both sitting president and vice president are no longer fit for duty.

Some people have speculated that Donald Trump could be elected as Speaker. Then, if Republicans manage to impeach both Biden and Harris, Trump would return to the White House much sooner than 2024.

A longshot, to say the least, and one that even Trump has ruled out.

But Democrats, terrified of the thought of losing power, are hastily trying to rewrite our laws for their own benefit.

Can this bill become law? That would require passage of a similar bill in the Senate, something unlikely to happen any time soon.

But that won’t stop Democrats from trying.

Key Takeaways:

  • House Democrats are pushing a bill that requires congressmen only to be the speaker.
  • As it stands, House members can select anyone to be Speaker.
  • Democrats fear Trump being picked and becoming the president again.

Source: The Hill