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Federal Court Reverses Course In Florida Case – They Just Went Against President Biden, Rules For DeSantis

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In this day and age, we must rely on the courts to uphold our freedoms.

Because Washington sure as shoot won’t do it!

Over the last few months, Republicans from state to state have taken Biden and his administration to court.

They’ve fought all kinds of moves the White House has taken to shut down American liberties.

The state of Florida took the CDC to court, to overturn their rules on cruise ships. Governor Ron DeSantis had been lobbying for freedom from CDC restrictions.

And now, a federal court just made its decision.

From Reuters:

A federal appeals court late on Friday reversed course and let stand a lower court order prohibiting the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from enforcing coronavirus-related cruise ship rules in Florida.

The decision is a win for Florida that had filed a lawsuit arguing the CDC curbs made it tough for the cruise industry to recover from the pandemic.

Although we are coming out of the pandemic, the CDC has kept in place rules that hurt the cruise industry.

Among all the industries hammered by the pandemic lockdowns, cruise ships might have suffered the most.

The state of Florida wanted to push back on rules that made it harder for cruise operators to do their business. Of course, the CDC was not willing to comply.

The case was taken all the way to the federal courts and they ruled in favor of Florida.

Cruise lines have already taken extraordinary steps to ensure their trips were safe. All crew will be vaccinated and 95% of passengers will be as well.

That doesn’t include the steps they are taking to keep areas clean and disinfected.

Under normal circumstances, the CDC and any other medical body would say that exceeds safety standards.

But we all know the government went overboard with restrictions, forcing standards that no group could meet.

At this point, we should be getting back to normal. Those still worried about the disease can stay at home. But those willing to get back on a cruise ship should be able to, with the CDC getting in the way.

Thankfully, this court agreed.

Ron DeSantis must be thrilled—but Biden won’t be.

Key Takeaways:

  • A federal court sided with Florida over cruise ship rules.
  • Florida pushed back against CDC limits that hurt the cruise lines.
  • The cruise lines assured that their ships and crew are safe and healthy.

Source: Reuters