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Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Sinks Like Stone, Falls 20 Points Since January In Bad Sign For Dems

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For President Joe Biden the honeymoon is officially over as clearly shown through a series of recent polls. Kamala Harris numbers are in the tank and have been since the start of her term causing many in the Dem Party to wonder if she is ready for primetime.

But Biden had decent approval numbers for the first few months in office, despite some obvious blunders. But that it is over now, and it is time to panic in the West Wing as the latest surveys show Joe Biden’s net approval rating falling by 20 points since his inauguration.

Biden’s team downplayed earlier polls saying they were from conservative institutions so this new poll from Monmouth hit team Biden where it hurts. Monmouth University shows Biden with a net approval of +24 points at the start of his term (54% approve to 30% disapprove). That figure now stands at +4 (48% approve to 44% disapprove.)

The Report says:

“Among poll participants who name a top concern, 31% say the actions of the federal government over the past six months have helped them with this issue, 34% say the federal government has hurt them, and 31% say it has had no impact on this concern.

“These numbers are better than a poll taken midway through former President Donald Trump’s term when 18% (April 2019) said the federal government had helped them over the prior year, but they are similar to a January 2017 poll when 27% said they were helped by the federal government in the prior few years (during former President Barack Obama’s administration).

Biden’s falling approval numbers by month are:

January: +24

March: +9

April: +13

June: +5

July: +4

The report continues:

“Looking to the future, 40% expect the federal government will act to help them with their top concern, 34% expect they will be hurt by federal actions, and 18% expect to see no impact.

“Interestingly, these results are similar to expectations four years ago under incoming President Trump – 42% expected that the federal government would help their top concern and 33% said they would be hurt.

“The similarity in the top-line comparison, though, masks a sizable partisan swing. In 2017, 74% of Republicans expected that the new administration would help with their top concern while 61% of Democrats said they would be hurt.

“Today, 71% of Democrats expect federal actions will help their top concern and 60% of Republicans expect to be hurt,” the report said.