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President Biden Just Waved The White Flag – Joe Gives In To Public Pressure, Drops Restrictions On 1619 Project

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It’s safe to say that much of what Biden is pushing onto America is bad for the country. But in one major battle, Biden is waving the white flag.

Since entering office, Biden has reversed many of Trump’s policies.

That includes his stance on the border, regulation, health care, and much more.

But in one key area, Biden tried to both reverse Trump’s agenda and undermine our nation’s history.

His administration was going to require critical race theory be taught in our schools. But after intense public backlash, the administration is backing down.

From Washington Times:

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona on Friday backed off from his proposal to create a new grant that was seen as encouraging the teaching of critical race theory and the “1619 Project.”

Mr. Cardona’s decision came after the department received more than 35,000 comments on the proposed grants, with most of the comments objecting to grants to promote teaching U.S. history through the prism of race and highlighting the impact of slavery.

The administration is backing off a proposal that would have encouraged the teaching of critical race theory in American schools.

This “theory” as you probably know, pushes race-based ideas onto students. It brands many of our found fathers as villains and focuses on slavery.

In the process, seems to destroy the many virtues of our history and leaders.

After Biden supported this ideology by giving out grants requiring CRT and the 1619 Project, schools around America were pressured to add it into their curriculum. Parents, outraged at this movement, pushed back.

Figures like Ben Carson called on Americans to fight for an accurate portrayal of our history and oppose CRT.

Now, it seems like a major victory has been achieved. The administration will not try to create a grant that rewards schools for teaching CRT.

That will remove the incentive many schools had to teach this idea in the first place.

But that doesn’t mean some schools won’t just go ahead with this curriculum, anyway.

Parents will have to fight from community to community to ensure this ideology is not spread. They need to support accurate depictions of our nation’s history, not the left’s reinterpretation.

But this development shows that traditional, patriotic Americans are gaining ground.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden withdrew his plans to force the teaching of CRT in schools.
  • The administration withdrew plans to create a fund to push CRT.
  • This comes after many Americans criticized the idea and fought against it.

Source: Washington Times