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Pelosi Gets Betrayed By Her Own Woke Democrats – Activists Show Up At Nancy’s California Home To Try and Evict Her

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Nancy Pelosi just can’t catch a break. Not that she deserves one!

Ever since becoming Speaker again in 2018, the woman has gone back on her promises. As the leader of the House, she has refused to work with Republicans. She has flip-flopped on numerous stances.

More recently, she failed to get Congress to extend eviction protects for Americans due to the pandemic.

She tried to blame Republicans and even the CDC. Now, even her own leftist activists are turning on her.

From Fox News:

Housing and homeless advocates protested outside of Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home Saturday demanding the House speaker reconvene Congress to pass an extension to the expiring eviction moratorium.

The House adjourned Friday for summer recess without passing legislation to extend a nationwide ban on evictions that is set to expire Saturday, prompting outrage from the progressive Squad and an overnight protest at the Capitol.

Yeah, Nancy, you go on summer vacation. Never mind the fact that potentially thousands of Americans will be out on the street—thanks to your party’s lack of leadership.

The eviction ban is certainly not something that should stand forever. But it was a measure to protect Americans who lost their jobs, thanks in party to Democrats who shut down numerous states.

The federal government stepped in to ensure people didn’t lose their homes, because they couldn’t pay their bills.

Democrats were clamoring for an extension to this measure.

But it was Nancy Pelosi who failed to get it passed in the House. She even dismissed the House, without even trying to get this done.

You might not agree with a government-mandated eviction ban (especially since it hurts homeowners and landlords). But if Pelosi was going to do something, she should have at least done it.

Pelosi is such a failure as a leader, that even the radical leftists who she claimed to serve are angry at her.

Mind you, they aren’t protesting outside of Ted Cruz’s house this time, but California’s own Pelosi.

Now that is really embarrassing.

Apparently Nancy isn’t woke enough for her own party now. That’s the problem with appeasing the mob. The moment you stop giving in, they turn on you like a pack of wolves.

Luckily for Pelosi, she’s got plenty of other houses she can go stay at to avoid the noise because you know, she’s a woman of the people right?

Key Takeaways:

  • Leftist activists protested outside Nancy Pelosi’s home.
  • They called out the Speaker for refusing to extend the eviction ban.
  • Pelosi tried to blame Republicans and the CDC when it was her failure.

Source: Fox News