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Democrat Senator Arrested On Major Charges – Multiple Counts Of Misconduct With A Minor Fall On Arizona’s Navarrete

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When politicians face serious charges, it’s bound to make headlines. And when those charges are especially egregious, that person’s reputation takes a serious and immediate dive.

That’s what is going to happen to a Democrat Senator from Arizona: he was just arrested this week, and it’s not for a simple misdemeanor.

Actually, this could potentially ruin his entire career.

Sen. Tony Navarrete is a first-term Democrat hailing from Phoenix. He was elected as the state representative for Arizona’s 30th district back in 2016, and was elected to the Senate in 2018.

Navarrete also served as deputy director of Promise Arizona, a nonprofit organization in the state.

Just recently, he announced he’d tested positive for the COVID virus, which he called only “inconvenient.” But these charges he’s now facing are well beyond “inconvenient.”

The allegations are serious and the story is developing now (via Fox News):

Navarrete, a first-term Democrat from Phoenix, was taken into custody Thursday on allegations of having sexual conduct with a minor in 2019, police told FOX 10 Phoenix.

Navarrete faces multiple counts of sexual conduct with a minor, among other charges, WPHO-TV of Phoenix reported.

Senate Democrats said in a statement they were aware of the arrest, but are “awaiting further details” and declined to comment.

Whatever those details are, however, Navarrete is obviously in big trouble.

The law doesn’t take kindly to those who might’ve taken advantage of a minor, and it’s even more damaging to Navarrete’s career that this incident allegedly happened in 2019.

So, it didn’t happen in the distant past before he might’ve reformed and adopted a life of public service.

Instead, this supposedly occurred when he was already serving as an elected official, which really reflects poorly on his chosen party. And of course, his career is in definite jeopardy.

Republicans often argue that the morality of Democrats is suspect. They even accuse some leftist leaders of being flat-out morally bankrupt.

That’s why arrests like these don’t do the DNC any favors.

If you’re in office, everything you do will be heavily scrutinized. On top of that, you should probably conduct yourself in a professional manner that reflects your position.

And when you abuse your power, or you commit a potentially heinous crime, those who voted for you are going to feel betrayed.

And that might be what many Arizona citizens are feeling right now.