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CNN Makes Big Flub, Helps Raise $230K for ‘Mom’ Facing Eviction Before Confirming ‘She’s Not The Mother’

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CNN got busted running another BS story when the piece they promoted about “mom” of three young children facing eviction backfired in a major way. Turns out, he mom wasn’t a mom at all.  So CNN had to run a retraction and worse, gofundme had to put a hold on the funds their stories helped raise.

CNN wrote, “Update: After CNN aired a story about her potential eviction, Dasha Kelly clarified to CNN that she is not the mother of the three children featured in the story. 

“CNN has verified she takes care of the children in her home for periods of time. She says she originally described herself to CNN as a mother because she considers herself to be like one to them.

“CNN has learned the children are also cared for by their mother, Shadia Hilo, and their father, David Allison, who is Kelly’s boyfriend.

“GoFundMe tells CNN they are in close contact with Kelly and funds will stay on hold until they verify her information. GoFundMe says no funds have been withdrawn.”

From Fox News:

Kelly was portrayed as a “single mom” at the outset, however.

“Dasha Kelly has started a GoFundMe page to try and cover that rent, $2,000. It’s a Hail Mary, she says she’s praying for a miracle, hoping for a miracle,” Watt told CNN viewers who were quick to donate.

The CNN-promoted GoFundMe, which was also shared on CNN social media accounts, ended up raising over $230,000.

CNN then brought back Kelly and the three small children for an emotional follow-up interview alongside Rep. Cori Bush, D-Mo., after the Biden administration announced a new ban on landlords evicting tenants during the pandemic.

“This is the least that we can do for you is to step up and make sure that you get to stay in the safety and comfort of your home, while we work on other things, to help make sure that your life and the lives of your children are better,” Bush said.

CNN is now reporting that Kelly is actually the girlfriend of the children’s father, and they will return to live with their actual mother before school starts. CNN’s online version of the story was initially headlined, “More than $170,000 raised in 24 hours for mother and three kids facing eviction.”

It was changed to “More than $170,000 raised in 24 hours for Las Vegas woman facing eviction.”