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Chicago Cops Snub Lori Lightfoot Again, Refuse To Even Meet With Chicago Mayor

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Embattled and near-certain one-term Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has lost the police department that much is clear from the new debacle Lori finds herself in. For the second time in a week, Chicago police snubbed Lori for all the world to see showing just how far she has fallen in the eyes of law enforcement.

The cops made it clear that Mayor Lori Lightfoot was not welcome after the fatal shooting of Officer Ella French and the serious wounding of her partner. Lori showed up at the hospital where French’s father read her the riot act, and where the waiting cops all turned their backs on the failed Mayor.

Now, when hundreds of cops met at McCormick Place and heard Mayor Lightfoot was coming to talk to them, they stopped the show and told her not to bother.

Deputy Chief Michael Barz had to deliver the message, according to local media, to Lightfoot that she should not attend. Ouch.

From The Chicago Sun-Times:

The scene: Several hundred officers were meeting at McCormick Place Monday night where they learned that the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation had already stepped up to give $60,000 to French’s family. The officers are in the same unit as French, the Community Safety Team, which is headquartered at McCormick Place.

The gathering was told that Mayor Lori Lightfoot was planning on attending, and officers were in agreement that they did not want her to come, sources said.

Deputy Chief Michael Barz delivered the message, sources say, in a move that received much praise from the rank-and-file officers who were there.

The end result: Lightfoot did not attend. Many officers present did not want to hear from Supt. David Brown, either, but Brown did attend, cleared the room of everyone except police and heard a torrent of complaints from rank-and-file officers.

The grievances ranged from how officers feel they get no support, to how the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office charges — or fails to charge — cases, to the department’s new policy on foot pursuits, sources said.