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Supreme Court Deals Historic Blow To Dems, Allows Texas Abortion Ban To Take Effect

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The Supreme Court dealt a historic blow to the Dems and allowed a new Texas law that bans abortions at six weeks to take effect. The ACLU and other organizations tried an emergency appeal to block the law but the Supreme Court ignored their plea.

No other six-week abortion ban has been allowed to go into effect by the court but they allowed the Texas law because the lawmakers there found a clever way to appease the court.

The state will not enforce the law, but rather private citizens will by bringing civil lawsuits against anyone who helps a pregnant woman get an abortion. The left is complaining that this means the end of Roe v wade and they may be right, but it is too early to tell. You can be sure other states will enact similar laws after the court let this one go.

All eyes are on Mississippi as the court is considering that state’s law that bans most abortions after 15 weeks. If the court agrees with Mississippi, Roe V Wade could be on its last legs

From CNN:

In the novel legal strategy, the state Legislature designed the law to prevent government officials from directly enforcing it. The move was meant to make it much more difficult to bring a pre-enforcement challenge because there are not the usual government officials to hold accountable in court.

Instead, the law allows private citizens — anywhere in the country — to bring civil suits against anyone who assists a pregnant person seeking an abortion in violation of the ban.

Opponents say the law is part of a new wave of laws put forward by states hostile to abortion rights and will inspire other states to follow suit.

Lawyers for Texas officials urged the justices to allow the law to go into effect, saying that the clinics had not shown that they will be “personally harmed by a bill that may never be enforced against them.”

The ACLU was not happy and said on social media:

“Breaking: The Supreme Court has not responded to our emergency request to block Texas’ radical new 6-week abortion ban, SB8. The law now takes effect.

“Access to almost all abortion has just been cut off for millions of people. The impact will be immediate and devastating.

“The law bans abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy — before many people even know they’re pregnant.

“The result is that many Texans will be forced to carry pregnancies against their will.

“Private individuals — including anti-abortion activists with no connection to patients — can now sue ANYONE who they believe is providing abortion or assisting someone in accessing abortion after six weeks.”