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Judge Jeanine Sums Up Biden’s Debacle: ‘Joe Biden has given a terrorist organization their own nation’

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Judge Jeanine perfectly summed up President Joe Biden’s debacle in Kabul saying Biden gave a terrorist organization a country of their own. She made the very hard to argue with statement on Saturday night’s episode of “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”

Judge Jeanine said: “The world is a less safe place today than it was the day Joe Biden took office. That’s because Biden is non-transparent, is blatantly dishonest and is literally dangerous. Biden prioritizes Afghans with no connection to the United States and no vetting over American citizens.

“One hundred Afghan evacuees are being investigated for possible ties to terrorism. The world watches as Biden, according to reports flies Afghan men with child brides, pedophilia or human trafficking where I come from, into Wisconsin over Christians and young soccer players, where they are abandoned, stranded and left as hostages.

“Joe Biden has given a terrorist organization their own nation. 

“Not only that, we armed them to accomplish their mission. As he tries to sell us lie after lie, the American people are seeing right through it. Fifty-one percent aren’t buying it. 

“His approval rating continues to go down. And 60 percent disapprove of his handling of Afghanistan. you see, Joe, we are starting than you and your minions think we are. 

“You have been lying for months about Afghanistan. About your non-decisions, and what your military chiefs have told you or not told you.

“It’s all lies and dangerous ones at that. You are no longer the commander-in-chief. 

“You are the liar-in-chief. You spew lies as truth. 

“Then turn and bobble away, incapable of answering questions.

“Instead you send out your puppets on a string to double down on your lies.

“Your behavior is not only a dereliction of duty and your sworn oath to protect and defend the Constitution and the people of the United States.

“You aid and abetted the enemy we fought for 20 years with American blood and treasure. 

“While you try to restrict our Second Amendment rights in the homeland, you leave the enemy with billions of dollars of the most sophisticated military equipment in the world. 

“You evacuated Bagram air base and allowed the Taliban to release their so-called enemies, ISIS-K leaving our military to be sitting ducks at the Kabul airport. 

“Thirteen service members returned home in caskets because you had the enemy controlling what little perimeter there was.

“Your cold unconcerned boredom as you repeatedly looked at your watch while the caskets were placed on the tarmac was a disgusting display of your animus and your inability to care about anybody by yourself. 

“You have the gall to call the exit an extraordinary success,” she said.