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College Football Fans Heckle Biden Across the Country With ‘F**k Joe Biden’ Chants

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College football fans across the country sent President Joe Biden an unmistakable message by heckling him in multiple stadiums with the chant ‘F**k Joe Biden.”

The videos posted online went viral quickly and surely gave Joe and his team a wake-up call as his poll numbers continue to sink. One chant happened Thursday night at Brooks Stadium in Conway, South Carolina when Coastal Carolina played host to the Citadel.

Another chant happened in Blacksburg, Virginia, on Friday, when Virginia Tech played North Carolina. Another chant happened Saturday in Alabama when the Auburn Tigers played Akron Zips.

And the chant was heard in Texas when Texas A&M played the Kent State Golden Flashes.

And it will only get worse for the Dems and Biden. From The Hill:

Democrats are staring down a nightmare September, a month jam-packed with deadlines and bruising fights over their top priorities.

The numerous legislative challenges in a condensed timeline will test Democratic unity and provide plenty of opportunities for Republicans to lay political traps just a year out from the 2022 midterms, where they are feeling increasingly bullish about their chances.

When lawmakers return to Washington, they’ll have to juggle averting a government shutdown in a matter of days with Democrats’ self-imposed deadline for advancing an infrastructure and spending package that is at the center of President Biden’s economic and legislative agenda and sparking high-profile divisions.

That’s on top of a looming decision about the debt ceiling, a voting rights clash set to come to the Senate floor in mid-September, lingering Afghanistan fallout and, in the wake of a controversial Supreme Court decision, a heated fight over abortion.