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Top Trump Aide Jason Miller Detained In Brazil To Testify As Part Of Probe Into ‘Anti-Democratic Acts’

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Jason Miller, a key aide to former President Trump who now runs the social media platform Gettr, has been detained in Brazil according to local media reporting. Miller was detained at the Brasilia International airport in Brazil while he was boarding a plane to return to the US.

Miller was reportedly detained to testify to the federal police under investigation 4874 which “investigates the organization of anti-democratic acts” in Brazil. The order came from Alexandre de Moraes, a justice of the Supreme Federal Court.

Brazil has been rocked by protests recently as the country gears up for a presidential election soon. Charges of corruption have been flying against both major candidates for the office.

From Metropoles:

Miller was detained to testify to the PF under investigation 4874, which investigates the organization of anti-democratic acts in Brazil. The order came from Minister Alexandre de Moraes , rapporteur of the investigation at the STF .

The businessman is the founder of Gettr, created to bring Trump back to social media, after the former president was banned from major platforms. Gettr has 2 million followers, of which 13.5% are from Brazil.

Miller was in Brazil to participate in the Conservative Political Action Conference (Cpac). In Brasília, he met with President Jair Bolsonaro, Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro and former Chancellor Ernesto Araújo.

From The Guardian:

Pre-dawn skirmishes have erupted between police and supporters of Brazil’s president, Jair Bolsonaro, as rightwing activists tried to force their way towards congress before major pro-government rallies that have put Latin America’s biggest democracy on edge.

Footage published by the Brasilia-based news website Metrópoles showed military police using pepper spray to repel a crowd of cheering Bolsonaristas in the early hours of Tuesday.

Officers can be seen wrestling with one demonstrator as the group attempted to break through a police blockade on the avenue leading to congress using lorries draped with Brazil’s yellow and green flag.

Other footage shows a police officer drawing his gun in an attempt to deter the mob and Bolsonaro supporters vowing to storm the supreme court. In one video a Bolsonaro supporter can be heard berating the police for blocking the protesters’ path. “God will make you pay for this. You communists!” she shouts.