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Ben Carson Goes After Biden And His Democrats – The Good Doctor Accuses Them Of ‘All-Out Assault’ On Love

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Joe Biden claimed to be a moderate. But everything he’s done has pushed radical “wokeness” onto our society. And that poison is already taking its toll.

The far left’s views on life and society and harming our children most of all. Celebrated doctor and conservative leader, Ben Carson, is watching the culture’s toll on future generations.

And he is blasting the left for destroying our once culture of love.

From Newsmax:

Carson says, “there used to be love in our society. We had a Judeo Christian foundation, which said love your neighbor. Now you’re seeing a situation where we say, ‘hate your neighbor. Cancel your neighbor if they don’t agree with you.’ I think this is a very difficult environment to grow up in. And then you know you have a situation where the color of your skin…is the primary determinant of what happens to human life.”

Why It’s Important:

Carson blasted the “woke” culture children are growing up in today. He said Democrats, Biden, and the left are going to war with our Judeo-Christian foundation. A foundation that strove to love your neighbor.

What are kids being taught today? To “cancel” your neighbor if you don’t agree with them. To riot and loot when things don’t go your way.

This has created a climate of negativity that is poisoning our youth. Children are forced into their homes, not allowed to go to real school classes and interact with their friends.

They are stuck on social media all day, where they are bombarded with toxic programming of negativity and hate.

Carson warns that this is an “unprecedented assault against our nation” that stripes away facts and love. If it is not dealt with, who knows how damaging it will be to our children and future generations?

He went on to say that this culture divides us based on our race and skin color. It is the opposite of what many of us were raised to believe.

We don’t have to guess what that will do to our society moving forward. Because it is happening all around us every day.

Source: Newsmax