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Dem Senator Almost Shot In Chicago As Residents Call For Lightfoot To Declare Public Emergency

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is failing Chicago and she needs to resign if she does not have the ability to do what is needed to stop the violence. According to Obama’s senior adviser and Chicago resident David Axelrod, Lightfoot needs to declare a public emergency and put an end to the violence or she will get crushed when she runs again.

Because U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) came clean and revealed that he was almost a victim of Chicago’s out of control gun violence the other night.

“Last Saturday night, my wife and I went out to eat, downtown Chicago with another couple – several couples – and we were driving home on Lake Shore Drive. about 10:00 on Saturday night. I heard a popping sound,” said Durbin.

“I didn’t know what it was, the driver of the car said, ‘those are gunshots.’ It turned out to be the car next to us. The driver was leaning out the window and shooting into the air. He could have just as easily been shooting the gun at us. Sadly, that’s what happens way too often,” he added.

“My wife and I and the other couple, we were lucky. It was just a joy rider. But he was using the gun in a way that I’d not seen before and I hope to never see again. But there are lots of people we know who aren’t that lucky.”

Former Obama White House advisor David Axelrod said Lightfoot needs to declare a public emergency.

From Fox 32:

As Illinois’ senior U.S. senator revealed how dangerously close he came to a drive-by shooting in Chicago, former White House advisor David Axelrod urged Mayor Lori Lightfoot to declare a “public safety emergency.”

Noting the FBI’s recent report that in 2020, killings in Chicago increased by 56% — and they’re even higher still so far in 2021 — Axelrod said, “it requires the mayor to do what mayors don’t like to do, which is to say…’this is more than we can handle here at city government.’”

Axelrod said he was not blaming the surge of deadly violence on Lightfoot, noting that it’s long been a threat in Chicago. But he suggested voters may see things differently, a reason for her to convene a citywide response to the rising tide of bloodshed.

“If not,” Axelrod added, “this is going to be on her account, if she runs for re-election in 2023.”