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Biden Nominee’s Closet Swings Wide Open – She Was Educated In Moscow, And Has A “Radical” Plan For U.S. Banking

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President Joe Biden has received a ton of criticism in recent months, and not all of it is related to one subject. Afghanistan, the southern border crisis, and rising inflation are all major issues.

And Biden’s nominees haven’t received overwhelming support on Capitol Hill, either. In fact, one of his most recent nominees might be the most controversial pick yet.

That’s because she would oversee our country’s banks — and she was educated in communist Russia.

Many Americans, especially Republicans and Independents, are becoming increasingly concerned about the power the federal government wields today.

Those on the right continue to push back against more federal oversight, while people remain worried that individual rights are rapidly disappearing under the heavy hand of Washington.

Now, Biden’s new pick for comptroller of currency wants to “federalize” more of the system.

Saule Omarova is a Cornell law professor, but she was raised in Soviet-controlled Kazakhstan and went to Moscow State University on a Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship.

Perhaps ironically, she graduated in 1989, only a few years before the communist regime of the Soviet Union fell. And the idea that she’s going to have control of U.S. banking might not go over well.

Via Washington Examiner:

Saule Omarova has advocated for ending banking ‘as we know it’ — and she is now in contention to oversee the country’s banks.

In a recent paper titled ‘The People’s Ledger: How to Democratize Money and Finance the Economy,’ Omarova offers a blueprint for ‘radically reshaping the basic architecture and dynamics of modern finance.’

That paper calls for massive changes to American banking system, and gives the Federal Reserve “near total control of the entire financial system.

Basically, Omarova wants to revamp the central bank’s balance sheet so it’ll become “the ultimate public platform for both modulating and allocating the flow of soverign credit and money in the national economy.”

She calls it “Democratizing” finance. But many critics call it something else, and it’s much too close to mass government power seen most often in communist countries.

The good news is that her nomination is already in serious question.

Most Republicans probably won’t vote for her, and even one moderate Democrat’s “no” could mean Omarova gets denied. The problem is that there are many business-oriented politicians in Washington.

And they really don’t like what they’re hearing from Omarova right now.

Democrats like Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) and Joe Manchin (W.V.), for example, might just deny this nominee, as they’re more business-friendly elected officials. They’re also often against more government overreach.

At this point, many are on high alert defending against increasing federal power and authority.

Nominations like Saule Omarova might only serve to increase tensions on Capitol Hill, too — and many U.S. citizens will have a big problem with Omarova’s past, education, and radical ideas.

Source: Washington Examiner