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Virginia Judge Drops Gavel On Major Ruling – He Hands Victory to Parents In Attempt To Remove School Board Members

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In the battle to preserve our rights, Democrats are pulling out all the stops to rob Americans. We are seeing across the country an attempt to rewrite our history in public schools. Parents who have tried to push back have been hit with ugly charges by the Department of Justice.

Do you think that will get parents to back down? Not on your life.

A group of parents in Virginia is suing to get members of their school board removed. It could end up being a hard-fought battle to ensure their children get a truthful education. And a judge just gave them a major ruling.

From The Epoch Times:

On Tuesday, a judge denied Loudoun County school board member Beth Barts’ motion to dismiss the case and also removed Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj from the case.

The group Fight For Schools and others have alleged that Barts was involved in a private Facebook group that violated the School Board’s Code of Conduct and other laws after members allegedly tried to attempt to reveal private information about parents and opponents.

Parents in Loudoun County, VA are suing to remove members of their school board. A judge handed them a victory by refusing a request by a member of that board to dismiss the case entirely.

It appears, based on the parents’ arguments, that the school board was supporting work that is connected with critical race theory, a set of ideas that rebrands our nation’s history. CRT portrays our founding fathers negatively and paints much of our country’s story in terms of identity politics.

Parents across the country have been fighting to remove this curriculum from their schools. Some have scored victories. But most have been met with strong pushback as liberal-run school boards are determined to teach this toxic content.

In Virginia, one group took the matter to the courts. This judge’s decision means the case will continue and could end up with the removal of these leftist members.

But the battle is far from over. School boards, administrators, and teachers unions are largely controlled by far-left Democrats. They have decided to push CRT and other radical ideas, in the hopes of warping students’ views of our country.

They won’t stop until they have ensured every last American student will vote Democrat.

Source: The Epoch Times