unique visitors counter Dan Crenshaw Calls Out Kamala: “She doesn’t care about border security, she doesn’t care about illegal immigration” – Washington News

Dan Crenshaw Calls Out Kamala: “She doesn’t care about border security, she doesn’t care about illegal immigration”

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Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) called out Kamala Harris and the Biden administration’s handling of the border on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Company” today.

“She’s supposed to be the border czar, so why wasn’t she at the meetings?” host Ashley Webster asked of Harris missing some key border meetings.

Crenshaw said: “Because she doesn’t care about border security. She doesn’t care about illegal immigration. They want this to happen. I mean, I hope nobody else is pretending otherwise. We shouldn’t pretend why this is incompetence. And they’ll throw out some really weird reasons as to why these illegal immigration surges have increased so much.

“They’ll say first it was Trump’s fault, then there was a hurricane, well then people are sad, or a civil war or a president got killed.

“They make up reason after reason after reason — ‘Oh. it is a seasonal surge.’ They’re full of it. The truth is they want more of this. They listen to these immigration activist groups that help people kind of disappear into society.

“They work with governors from places like California, New York, so there is no federal law enforcement there whatsoever.

“They won’t cooperate with federal officials. They do this on purpose, right?

“And then on the back end, they implement, they want to implement legislation that would give everybody amnesty.

“So, what they actually believe there is a voter bloc coming here.

“Remember, they actually took a strong stand against Cubans coming across.

“Remember that? Why? 

“Because Cubans tend to vote Republican.

“So, this is very political for them.”

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) said:

“The faith and trust that the American people need to have in our leaders is dropping every day. The Department of Homeland Security Secretary recently told Congress our borders are secure. “This is what he said, this kind of bald-faced lie, whether it has to do with domestic issues or foreign policy issues. We’ve seen this with Afghanistan and the tragically botched withdrawal of our troops and Americans out of Afghanistan. 

“When people are being lied to, the American people are being lied to, it is revealing of the arrogance and the self-serving nature of leaders who are in power in this country.

“The disrespect that they have for the American people, and it’s why people are losing faith and trust in those leaders. 

“If we have leaders who respect the people, then the people will respect our leaders. If we have leaders who trust the American people, we will trust our leaders. 

“And that’s the problem here is we don’t have leaders who have that trust and respect and who therefore put themselves ahead of the interests of the people.”