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Nancy Pelosi’s Vatican Trip Just Got Ruined – Protesters Force The Speaker To Evacuate And Cancel Her Plans

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To the shame of Catholics everywhere, disgraced House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took a trip to the Vatican. The so-called Catholic Democrat was given royal treatment. She was even invited to meet with the pope (which will only add to his list of bad decisions).

But old Nance’s trip was marked by plenty of controversy. In fact, the shame of her party has even reached the shores of Italy, as protests appear to be sweeping the region.

From Western Journal:

However, as the conservative Media Research Center reported, one Twitter user shared a video from Saturday that was from as far away as Rome, where hearty chants of “F*** Joe Biden” could be heard amid a lockdown protest outside the U.S. Embassy.

Another protest reached the Vatican, forcing Pelosi to flee.

From MSN:

With Italy preparing to require workers to carry a “Green Pass” that shows their COVID-19 vaccination status, protesters took to Rome’s streets and clashed with police. Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was visiting Pope Francis Saturday to discuss topics like climate change and had to be removed from the Vatican out of an abundance of caution.

It appears that discontentment for Biden’s failures reached Rome. Protests gathered around the U.S. Embassy to trash the Democrat, as they challenged local lockdown rules. Meanwhile, not far away at the Vatican, more protesters were demonstrating against their government’s latest restrictions.

Nancy Pelosi “had to be removed,” due to the demonstrations. But, I thought Pelosi applauded the free expression of protestors? Wasn’t she the one who said, during the riots of 2020, that there should be more? (She was.) But now, she is fleeing for her life because citizens in Italy are upset?

Seems a bit hypocritical, don’t you think?

I’m sure old Nance was so disappointed that her meaningless photo op with the pope was ruined. After all, she continues to pretend like she’s a good Catholic, despite her anti-Christian policies. Numerous bishops within the United States have called out Catholic Democrats who push stances that contradict the church’s teaching.

Even Nancy’s own bishop in San Francisco threatened to bar her from receiving Communion, over her views. Maybe she thought she could show them all up by appearing with the pope? Perhaps this evacuation was a sign from a higher authority, that Pelosi is hardly a model Catholic?

Source: Western JournalMSN