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Ex-Dem Senator Joe Liebermam: “If Terry McAuliffe loses it is a red alert to the Democratic Party”

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Former Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman issued a warning to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on “The Brian Kilmeade Show” about the upcoming gubernatorial election in Virginia. The state went for Biden by a lot. If the state swings back to the GOP, Lieberman says it will be a red alert for the entire Dem Party.

He said: “If Terry McAuliffe loses, even though he’s not a left-wing Democrat, it’ll be a sign that people in Virginia, which has trended Democratic in recent elections, really are worried about the direction of the National Democratic Party. 

“And all the issues – education and the rest, the woke culture and all of that – is important, but it’s all part of a larger picture.

“Where are the voters? Including particularly the independents and people who describe themselves as moderates vote in that Virginia gubernatorial election. Biden won the the moderates, self-described, against Trump in ’20 by a lot. 

“If the moderates begin to move toward the Republican candidate in Virginia that is a red alert to the Democratic Party.”

From Fox News:

Democratic Virginia gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe declared that he plans to “build education,” just two weeks after he created a firestorm by saying parents should have little say in what public schools teach their children.

In a video taken Tuesday by the conservative Virginia Rising research group, McAuliffe was seen leaving an education roundtable discussion in Alexandria and chastising a maskless tracker who asked about his education stance.

“Who do you think should be in control of education if not Virginia parents?” the tracker asked as McAuliffe walked to his vehicle.

“Have you been vaccinated yet?” McAuliffe fired back. “That’s the question I want to know. You should have a mask on. … You’re dangerous here.”

“I’ll build education,” he later declared before getting into the passenger side of the vehicle. “That’s why Fox News has me leading. Glenn Youngkin destroyed Virginia’s education system.”

Virginia Rising Action also recorded a portion of the roundtable event at the Charles Houston Recreation Center in Alexandria, where most, if not all, of the attendees wore a mask except for McAuliffe.

A photo tweeted by McAuliffe himself showed him without a mask and flanked by his wife Dorothy McAuliffe and George Mason University faculty member Anne Holton, who were both wearing masks.