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Swing State Special Election Results Are In – The Red Wave Just Crashed Again In The State Of Iowa

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Ever since the 2020 Election, Democrats have convinced themselves that they have our country all buttoned up. But a lot has happened since November of last year. And the left shouldn’t be counting their chickens before they’ve hatched.

There have been a number of special elections across the country this year. Many of them were major upsets for the establishment. As we get closer to the 2022 Midterms, political strategists are watching these elections closely. And guess what? A special election to fill a seat in Iowa just happened.

Who do you think won?

From Twitter:

Unofficial results from Iowa House District 29. With all precincts reporting:

Republican Jon Dunwell: 2,820

Democrat Steve Mullan: 1,890


According to Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate, Republican Jon Dunwell defeated his Democrat rival Steve Mullan by a wide margin. Dunwell earned almost 3000 votes, while Mullan garnered 1890.

While Democrats are whining that Iowa is a red state and this doesn’t matter much, they are ignoring the big news. This district was under liberal control for a long while. This is being considered a swing towards the GOP, and a flip.

This should have Democrats very worried. They have been running the federal government since January. And all we’ve seen is one disaster after another. Biden and the left made big promises in 2020. So far, they have crashed and burned worse than any administration we’ve ever seen.

Numerous special elections this year have given Republicans big wins. They have taken congressional seats vacated by Democrats. They have flipped districts and secured majorities in state legislatures. In some cases, as in border towns in Texas, they have taken mayor seats that have been held by liberals for decades.

Why is this happening? Voters are getting fed up with the left’s broken promises. They have seen just how toxic Democrat policies are. And they are scrambling to elect Republicans who can check Democrats’ madness.

We’ll see if this red wave continues into 2022.

Source: Twitter