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Days After Biden Brags About Cutting Off Oil Drilling – Joe Quickly Comes Back Groveling To the Oil Companies Over Prices

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Does Joe Biden have a plan for this country? Considering the many crises hammering our country, it doesn’t seem that way. Every left-wing agenda he’s pushed has come back to bite him—and the rest of us–in the rear.

Just a week ago, Biden bragged about how he crippled our energy production. His administration shut down drilling in Alaska that Trump fought to open up.

Now, Biden is scrambling as gas prices skyrocket. He’s groveling to the very people he tried to destroy. From Breitbart:

Reuters reports White House officials reached out to energy companies as the world faces record high prices and a shortage of supply.

A week earlier, Biden boasted during a White House event on national monuments he had suspended oil and gas drilling on federal lands in Alaska.

“Alaska is pretty big. There’s an awful lot we need to protect,” Biden said Friday. “That’s why I’m refusing to sell out the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve to oil and gas drilling.”

Joe Biden is begging energy companies to lower their costs as gas and electricity prices rise all over the world. This comes just a week after Biden boasted about how he ended drilling in Alaska. How so much changes in just a few days, huh?

What’s pretty ironic about this story is how Biden isn’t doing what is in his power to lower prices. He is trying to coerce energy companies to magically lower their prices, suggesting “anti-competitive practices” are contributing to the rise in costs.

We all know the facts, however. The price of energy is going up because of Biden’s crippling “environmental” policies. He shut down drilling in Alaska, canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, and implemented regulations that have slowed the production of oil and gas.

And he’s surprised fuel prices are rising? Experts worry that some Americans won’t even be able to afford heating in the Winter. That should not be happening in the United States. But because we have an idiot in the White House, we can’t even figure out how to keep our lights on.

Biden had previously begged OPEC and Russian to increase oil production. He’s refusing to let American companies drill, but he wants Saudi Arabia and Russia to do so? As we expected, they laughed in his face.

Biden and his Democrats seem to be bowing at the altar of “climate change.” They claim hurting Americans is going to save the earth, with little proof. Instead, they seem to care more about enriching foreign powers, while putting the squeeze on Americans and American companies.

Source: Breitbart