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Jeffrey Epstein Wanted To Flip On Bill Clinton To Save Himself According to New Book

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In his new book, “Too Famous: The Rich, the Powerful, the Wishful, the Damned, the Notorious – Twenty Years of Columns, Essays and Reporting,” Michael Wolff makes a bombshell claim that Jeffrey Epstein believed he could save himself by flipping on former President Bill Clinton.

According to the book, Epstein believed The Justice Department arrested him on order from then-President Trump because Trump wanted damaging information on the Clintons.

Wolff also says a deluded Epstein had another theory behind his arrest saying the Southern District of New York wanted information on Trump and wanted to squeeze him for it. It seems Epstein went down blaming everyone but himself for his troubles.

From The Daily Mail:

Epstein was previously convicted of procuring a child for prostitution in 2008, but according to Wolff, he believed there were ‘two likely scenarios’ behind his 2019 arrest. 

‘The White House, through the Justice Department, was looking to press a longtime Republican obsession, and Trump ace-in-the-hole, and get Epstein to flip and reveal the sex secrets of Bill Clinton,’ he writes. 

‘Trump, if he was obsessed with Clinton, which he was, was also obsessed with what Epstein knew about Clinton.’ 

The other scenario was that prosecutors from the Southern District of New York, which were investigating Trump’s business affairs, ordered the arrest of Epstein to ‘pressure him to flip on Trump.’ 

Wolff writes that there were ‘many likely holes in these theories’ and the reality could have been that Epstein was ‘just one more fallen sexual villain.’  

‘No matter, in Epstein’s view – shared by [lawyer Reid] Weingarten – that did not mean there wasn’t, even in this climate, a deal to be made,’ the book states. 

Perhaps the most macabre moment in the book is Wolff’s claim that a few hours before his death, Epstein, who had already tried to kill himself once before while in prison, sent a note to a friend about his state of mind.

It read: ‘Pretty crazy. But still just hanging around – no pun intended.’  

Wolff reveals that months before his death he had visited Epstein’s $75million Upper East Side mansion where he bumped into Ehud Barak.

At the time, Barak – who served as Israel Prime Minister from 1999 to 2001 – was considering running for office again and would later form a new party that ran in the September 2019 Israeli elections.