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President Biden Floored By Latest Poll – National Results Show Over Half Of America Is Fed Up

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Joe Biden promised to “build back better.” What have we seen since he’s entered office? One crisis after another. And although his party and the liberal media try to protect him, Americans are not impressed.

With the midterms just around the corner, Democrats need all the help they can get. And after nine months in office, has Joe done enough to convince voters to keep supporting his party? The latest approval poll is in.

And Democrats should be pretty worried.

From Zogby Analytics:

Our latest polling shows President Biden with a 36% positive job performance rating (excellent-15% and good-21% combined), while his negative rating is 61% (fair-19% and poor-42% combined)…

He is getting hammered by all age groups, including younger voters aged 18-29 (34% positive/63% negative), women (32% positive/65% negative), suburban voters (32% positive/65% negative), Hispanics (41% positive/59% negative), Independents (24% positive/71% negative), suburban women (29% positive/67% negative), and urban women (43% positive/53% negative).

Not even a year has passed since Biden entered the White House, but his approval keeps dropping. Zogby Analytics’ latest approval poll reveals Biden’s numbers can get lower. Only a mere 36% of Americans support his job performance. A staggering 61% give him a negative rating.

These numbers get even worse when broken down. Young voters are giving Biden a failing grade at 63% disapprove. Women are torching him, as are suburban voters, independents, and Hispanics. All of these are groups he has to keep happy—or the party will be decimated.

Ever since Biden’s slide in the Summer, his approval has not recovered. It seems, with each passing month, Biden does something that upsets Americans. He just can’t seem to learn. After the disaster that was Afghanistan, he followed up with a controversial and largely hated mandate.

From there, we’ve seen thousands of workers lose their jobs. Then there was the supply chain crisis and the exploding border crisis. Things just don’t seem to be getting better. Meanwhile, Biden’s only priority has been to push a massive spending bill that many Americans do not want.

These numbers should be a wake-up call to Biden. But they might not be. His administration has stuck their collective heads in the sand. They are ignoring these approval numbers; even his press secretary is smug and combative with the press.

How will this affect the 2022 midterms? I guess we’ll find out.

Source: Zogby Analytics