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Senate GOP Overrules Biden, Blocks Attempt To Overhaul Federal Election Laws

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Republicans in the Senate overruled President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and blocked the Dem’s attempt to overhaul federal election laws today. The GOP stood together and blocked the Democrats from advancing a revised bill despite getting an earful from Joe Biden. 

Biden said: “Today, Senate Democrats would like to start debate on the Freedom to Vote Act. Senate Democrats have worked hard to ensure this bill includes traditionally bipartisan provisions. 

“But Senate Republicans are likely to block even debate on the bill, as they have before on previous voting rights bills. It’s unconscionable. The right to vote – to vote freely, to vote fairly, and to have your vote counted – is fundamental.

“It should be simple and straightforward. Let there be a debate and let there be a vote.

Vice President Harris said: “We’re not going to give up. We’re not deterred. But there’s still a lot of work to do. And I think it’s really a sad day.”

Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) said:

“The Senate knows how to make law in a productive, bipartisan way. We’ve done it this year on multiple subjects. 

“We have done it on election issues themselves in recent memory when there was an actual problem that needed solving and an actually bipartisan process.

“But as long as Senate Democrats remain fixated on their radical agenda, this body will continue to do the job the framers assigned it, and stop terrible ideas in their tracks.”

Chuck Schumer said: “For every two steps forward, sometimes there are those who try to pull us one step back.

“Unfortunately, we find ourselves today in the midst of such a struggle. Many states across the nation have passed the most draconian restrictions against voting that we’ve seen in decades. 

“If nothing is done, these laws will make it harder for millions of Americans to participate in their government.”

But without the votes to break the filibuster, the Dems were left with just their phony hysterics and empty words giving Biden one more loss in his legislative failure column.