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Senate Republicans Throw Up A Crucial Roadblock – They Just Stopped The Democrat Voting Rights Bill In Its Tracks

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With 2022 just around the corner, Democrats have a big problem. Americans will be flooding the polls to fire the current Congress. Chances are, they will be giving Republicans a much-needed majority. Such a move will freeze Biden in his tracks.

It could even lead to an impeachment probe.

Instead of doing the obvious, working to win back Americans’ approval, Democrats are trying to change the rules. They have been trying to push a toxic voting bill that would give the federal government control over what should be state-run elections. It would mar our democracy beyond repair.

The good news is, Republicans refuse to let it happen.

From Fox News:

Senate Republicans blocked debate on sweeping federal voting rights legislation backed by President Biden on Wednesday, in a move likely to renew calls among some Democratic leaders to alter filibuster rules…

The result marked the third time this year that Republicans have blocked the legislation, which Democrats have supported in response to the passage of election security overhauls in GOP-led states.

Thanks to the filibuster, Republicans were able to block debate on the left’s latest attempt to erode our elections. Democrats in the Senate couldn’t get 60 votes to move forward, meaning the bill will stall long before it reaches a vote.

This is the third time this year Democrats have tried to push their toxic agenda. Their “voting rights” bill is just the means for the left to control every aspect of our elections. It would make mail-in ballots universal, without the needed safety checks like signature verification

It also would take districting away from the states and give it to “impartial” districting software. Yeah, because there’s no way this software can be manipulated to give Democrats what they want. We’ve never seen software interfere with elections before!

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Democrats appear to be “gaming” the system, so they have a huge advantage in all elections. It’s the kind of thing you see in third-world dictatorships, where corrupt political parties put on sham elections, knowing they will win.

For Democrats to be so determined to do this in the United States should send alarm bells ringing all over the country. Republicans in many states are taking steps to prevent voter fraud and other election problems.

Democrats, meanwhile, want to make sure fraud happens at every level—with no way for Americans to be sure their elections are fair and open.

Source: Fox News