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CNN Fact Checker Busts Joe Biden Making Multiple False Claims At Town Hall Last Night

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President Joe Biden flubbed his way through a town hall on CNN last night but got bad news from CNN’s town fact checker after the performance.

Biden had to answer such softballs from Anchor Anderson Cooper as, “My final question is you famously at the signing ceremony, I think it was, for Obamacare, you famously leaned into the then president and— I’m not going to say a direct quote, but off mic you said this is a big f’ing deal. I’m wondering the Build Back Better plan. Is it a bigger f’ing deal than that?”

Biden said: “Sixty seconds. We got in the car to go over to the department of education after we did that. He got in the car, and he was laughing like hell. I said, what’s so damn funny. He told me. I whispered in his ear. I looked to where it’s going. And this is a f’ing big deal. I didn’t realize the guy behind me was lip-reading. He could see it. I’m serious. The answer is, yes, this is bigger.

“It is bigger because — not because what he did wasn’t enormous, he broke the ice, enormous. But part of what I have in here is we also increased access to The Affordable Care Act, and we reduced the price an average of 60 bucks a month for anyone in The Affordable Care act plus, on top of that, we have another $300 billion of healthcare in it. So I would say this is a bigger darn deal.”

The fact-checker would not let Biden off so easy and found he made multiple false claims.

CNN reported:

Tax Rates

After he was asked a question about taxes on the wealthy, Biden said that under “this present tax code, the highest tax rate is 35 percent.”

Facts First: Biden was wrong. The top marginal rate is actually 37%; 35% is the second-highest marginal rate. The 37 percent rate affects individual single taxpayers with taxable incomes greater than $523,600 and married couples filing jointly with taxable incomes greater than $628,300. The 35 percent rate affects individuals with taxable incomes greater than $209,425 and married joint filers at incomes greater than $418,850.

Biden and the border

Facts First: CNN could not immediately find any evidence that Biden has previously visited the southern border, and the White House has not specified when this visit supposedly occurred. Also, it’s worth noting that Jill Biden’s last visit to the border was in December 2019, during the presidential campaign, not as first lady.

Since we don’t know what the President did on every day of a political career that began in 1970, we can’t currently declare he was making a false statement when he said he has previously visited the border. But we couldn’t immediately locate any news stories about such a visit, and the White House hasn’t provided corroborating information. A White House spokesman didn’t immediately respond to a CNN request late Thursday night.

Vaccination sites

Biden said that “there are over 800,000 sites right now that exist in America where you can go get a vaccine.”

Facts First: This is false; Biden added an extra zero. The White House official said Biden meant 80,000 vaccination sites, the number he has used on multiple previous occasions.

Biden’s jobs record

Biden said, “We’ve created more jobs in the first eight months of my administration than any president in American history.”

Facts First: This is true, but the circumstances of Biden’s first eight months are so different from the circumstances that greeted every other newly elected modern president that meaningful direct comparison is effectively impossible. Biden took office less than a year after the economy shed more than 22 million jobs in two months because of the pandemic.