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Kamala Harris Heckled In Virginia In Bad Sign For Dem Party

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Vice President Kamala Harris was heckled again by protesters marking the second time this week she heard it from the public.

In a speech to about 600 people to help promote former Clinton bag man Terry McAuliffe, Harris was heckled like she was days earlier in New York, and each time she showed she is not the right woman for the job.

Attorney General Mark Herring, running for re-election against Republican nominee Jason Miyares, said at the event: “We need to continue the progress we’ve made and elect Terry McAuliffe this November,” Herring told the crowd. “With continued Democratic leadership, we will build a commonwealth that protects our communities, families and environment. Terry fought his heart out to expand Medicaid so that over a half million Virginians could get access to life-saving care. You all know that Terry is up for the challenge.”

The hecklers were protesting an oil pipeline this time while in new York it was over infrastructure. The bad part for the Dems is that these hecklers seem to be Dem not GOP which means they are getting booed by the home team fans a terrible position to be in heading into an election.

“Everybody gets a chance to be heard,” Harris said as the heckler interrupted her. She tried to keep going over the hecklers saying:

“I love Democrats and I love democracy. We will not be distracted. We will not be dissuaded. We will not be deterred. This election is too important.”

The Dems, as they keep getting heckled and then embarrass themselves when they do, should call their friends in Hollywood and get pointers from comedians on how to handle it.

“You want to know what matters? Let’s talk about the right that every woman in America has to make decisions about her own body, and not have other people tell her when she should make that decision, how she should make that decision, or if she should make that decision. Don’t Texas Virginia,” Harris said.

“Terry has the life experience and professional experience, the experience of this state. If you know Terry McAuliffe you know he’s a fighter and he fights with his heart and soul,” said Harris.

“We’ve got to make it clear we’re not taking anything for granted. This election requires more than your vote – it requires your work,” Harris said. “There is nothing about this moment in time that is not about the coexistence between crisis and opportunity. How that all balances out will depend on who’s in a role of leadership. Does it weigh in favor of crisis, or does crisis turn into opportunity?”

Harris was also heckled in New York when a man interrupted her speech on the bipartisan infrastructure deal and the Biden administration’s Build Back Better stalled agenda. 

Harris was talking about “better health, better jobs and about families” and needed infrastructure when a man yelled out that better infrastructure would have stopped people drowning in the recent Hurricanes.

Harris, always misreading the room, tried to pander and engaged the man saying “you are right, brother, you and I will talk after I give my comments, and I am happy to talk with you.”

The man said instead “Why aren’t we working with the Chinese on their Belt-and-Road initiative?”  

Harris, realizing she walked right into that one, that she just lost an exchange with a crazy heckler, tried to repair the damage but failed saying:

“But right now, let’s talk about the agenda that will include speaking to all people and allowing everybody to be heard, because that’s part of what we want in our democracy. Everybody gets a chance to talk and everybody gets a chance to be heard” as security dragged the man out.

From The New York Daily News:

Harris traveled to the Northeast Bronx YMCA with HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra and was accompanied by Labor Secretary Martin Walsh and another cabinet officials.

The vice president marveled at the recently opened facility, which boasts multiple pools, fitness studios, youth and family programs and other amenities.

“It’s really beautiful,” she said of the site.

“I’ve worked with the Y for years, and I’m a member of the Y,” the California native added, telling staffers at the center that she “used to swim at the Y a long time ago.”

Outside of the building, about a dozen demonstrators hoped to give Harris a message, holding up a banner that read: “Immigrants are Essential!”

“What do want? Citizenship. When do want it? Now,” they chanted.